Oops, is it broken? (Repairing Equipment)

Hello everyone,

I have a question, is it planned that the sales equipment, such as industrial coffee machines, pizza ovens, etc. will have to be serviced at some point, or will items wear out or even break?

If not, what would you think of the idea that you have to hire a service company initially and then hire staff such as foremen (technical service managers) as supervisors of service technicians.
That would actually be a cool idea, wouldn’t it?


Maintenance is definitely something that would add another dynamic layer for players. Especially if you can pay more for better equipment that doesn’t need repaired as often, etc.!


I would also suggest having different grades of stalls and merchandise of the same product.
This can also affect the quality of goods such as coffee, burgers, hot dogs, etc., the better the quality of the device and the better the quality of the product, the more customers come over time, and the higher the profit margin.
But the opposite can also happen, poor quality, can even lead to closure.
Also, pests such as rodents, insects e.g. in a café, fast food restaurant, grocery store… can scare away customers and affect the quality of the goods, here you can/must sign a contract with a pest control company.
That would make the game a bit more varied and difficult!

Some kind of durability element seems like a cool idea and would already flow similarly to the way cleaners work on the schedule.

I’ve seen a couple posts talking about wanting to create a single cleaning company and have that one company service all of your businesses. Your repair mechanic idea would also be pretty cool for that system, too.

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