Random Events, Lose money

We need more ways to lose money. With the thefts in the next update I hope this happens. But it would be nice to add random events to the game.

  • Machinery failures in your store that force you to make repairs
  • Defective products that force you to return the money or lose it
  • Light failures that spoil the food, etc.
  • Seasonal events, like add air conditioning in summer, add heating in winter
    ( This would increase or reduce the happiness of the customers, this would lead to more spending for the store and an increase in the bill for electricity, gas, etc.)
  • Having competition in product prices, this would force you to reduce stock, discounts, sales, in order to get money and not lose it
  • Customer complaints, local reviews.

These are some of the random events, if you know more you can comment. And vote the topic, for more visualization.


Definitely comment if you have ideas! For topics that are lists of ideas, the voting doesn’t work because you have no idea what people are voting for!

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