Be a good or sneaky businessman!? and some other stuff

Donate/create own foundations/charity or support/mastermind crime related activities from behind to beat competitors and grow your empire! also pay full tax or evade it.

its almost like choosing the community center or joja mart in stardew valley and consider the mobster/sabotage feature found in classic tycoon games

hire mobs to cause trouble to competitors or hire a spy or simply contact your competitor to have a healthy beneficial clean business dealings or…

maybe at later stages, if both business competitors have conflict over a property, we can conduct an underground merchant ancient traditional fight to settle disputes on equal footing in a form of 1 vs 1 hand 2 hand combat by hiring fighters, criminals, etc to fight for both company and who ever wins gets the property, etc.

For early game
appliances in your business get wear and tear so you can also hire techinician to fix it. and not sure if there is advertisement feature already but please do add if not yet. just bought the game and cant wait to play it!

and maybe add love interests that’ll eventually turn into marriage :slight_smile:

Hello! Nice ideas, thanks for sharing! Just so you know, I’m switching this to “general” since it’s a bunch of topics, which makes it not work as a voteable “feature suggestion” since we’ll have no idea what’s being voted for! But also, these topics all exist in some form, so if you want to upvote or add comments to any of those, please do!

For “Be good or sneaky”:

For “AI Rivals/Competition”:

For “Fixing Appliances”:

For “Advertising”:
Advertising is in the game already. You can even rent out signs and billboards around the city with your company’s name and logo visible!

For Family:

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could it be like in skyrim that a wife or a roommate can cook you something for a bonuses in wellbeeing or not feeling hunger for a longer time

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