Holiday Resort

people come to your holiday Resort

space needed 2 lots for small, 4 lots for medium and 6 lots for large

each lot will have a specified but different section that player can choose from, various housing buildings, various pool sizes, various bar buildings, various restaurants

6 lots - 2 lots closest to road, house guests, 2 lots behind where housing lot is a restaurant in 1 lot and pool in another, last 2 lots tennis court and a bar.

4 lots either 2 or 1 lot to house guests, 3rd lot to have pool or bar and last lot to have tennis court

2 lots 1 to house guests and other either a choice of a pool, tennis court or a bar

however, the player has to buy the lots required before commencing the build of their resort
Players won’t be able to see what the housing units look like inside but can customize different aspects of the resort, wall paper and carpet for the units, so have units for the wealthy, middle class and low-income earners, Large condo for the wealthy, 2 bedroom, 1 bedroom for middle and low income earners.

charge different rates for various units guests stay in and services provided, as for employees, front desk clerks, cleaners, and laundry which could use [GamingNerdLeith] idea of a laundromat/ dry cleaners [Laundromat / Drycleaning] to take care of the laundry

to build the resort could use [StandardPlayer] idea of a construction firm [Construction Firm] or if you have purchased the construction firm yourself you can reduce costs, it’s your own as opposed to contracting a construction firm to build it for you

to expand even further can use ideas from

[Youdjen] Bowling - [Bowling]

[DavidEstesCreations] - Community Manager who brought forward this idea from the Steam forums but expanded on the idea - [Museum / Art Gallery]

Nightclubs that the devs have already implemented

these businesses would be run by the player but other heaps of ideas in the realm of planning and building and spending money on a large scale

each lot space has set of requirements so for the pool requires shade and deck chairs, housing units require beds, tv’s, fridges, ovens and lounge, front desk for check in/out, table and chairs, tennis court racquets, net and balls, bar needs table and chairs, 2 loudspeakers, a bar , the restaurant requires same as what normal restaurant requires in-game, some of, most of or all of this stuff can be purchased from the In-game ikea store

had enough of owning resort sell it or build doze it and return the number of lots back to their singular form

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Basically a good idea, well crafted, but not really fitting for NY city. Maybe for a future addon? Or the devs could make separate instances/maps for that (would also be necessary for the often requested malls, I guess).

Thank you for your input, I but I disagree maybe you are not familiar with Resorts sorry I used the wrong language luxury hotels that offer similar experiences to resorts in New York City like this one []

it’s a viable business and it gives players a lot to do, I understand some of the game mechanics and or map would need to be changed to implement such an idea and I don’t think it out of scope for the devs not able to do, none the less its an idea, I find it inappropriate of you to shoot down my idea in a politically correct way without providing logical explanation other than “not fitting for new york city” when there are such establishments in New York City as example link I have shared of a resort that is by time square world renown holiday destination.

so if you going to provide constructive criticism please provide a logical explanation.