Laundromat / Drycleaning

  • Laundromat and/or Drycleaning (Service: Cleaning & Drying)

Laundromat and/or Drycleaning (Service: Cleaning & Drying)

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Yes! And the ability to do laundry inside the apartment as well.

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Not to mention, in my mind its one of those things you have to do for QoL. If you don’t clean your clothes, then your mood starts to be affected. And in terms of investment, everyone needs to wash stuff, so it would in turn make quite a bit of money!


Would perfectly complement clothing store. Maybe it would be possible to combine it. But a seperate store needed would be cool too. And you need different things to clean and dry cheap or expensive clothes.

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I love this!

You could also replace the need for Customer Service and only have Cleaner, but introduce a new kind of Employee: The Maintenance Worker!
Cleaner maintains the shop front, maintenance worker maintains the machines and people go and clean their own clothes so it makes passive income.

This could open the door for heaps of other self service types of business, too… Car Wash, Self Serve Retail, etc.

NEW SHOP: laundrette. The more washing machines / dryers in place make your more money , can add paid soap dispensers to make extra cash , sofa and tv for customers service etc . Thoughts guys

Players can open laundry rooms to make a profit, which can include, but is not limited to:

  1. Laundry machine usage fee (can be per hour or per time)
  2. Dryer usage fee (per hour or per visit)
  3. Clothes ironing fee
    Furniture or items required include:
    1.Tumble dryer or wave washing machine
    2.Drying machine
    3.Ironing room (refer to cloakroom in nightclubs)
    4.Dry cleaning machine (for high-end clothes)
    5.Laundry detergent rack
    Personnel to be employed:
    1.Customer Service

I like the idea though I question the enjoyability of a fully fleshed out system for needing to change clothes and how that could potentially bog down playtime with a repetitive task after each day of managing businesses