What car should we add next?

Hi everyone,

For the next alpha, we’re adding another vehicle.

What car would you like to see in the game next? :partying_face:

If you have a specific reason, feel free to include that too.

Looking forward to seeing your suggestions!


Go for a Mazda CX5 lookalike.
Currently driving one, very good car :blush:
Or a Tesla, should be in every game where you have cars imo.


It would be funny to see the Tesla Cybertruck hehe
For a normal one I would say a Volkswagen Polo, they are everywhere.

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Always a fan of “generic convertible” as one of the top end items to acquire progress wise. From a rags to riches standpoint that is


Strictly speaking of car only?
Actually for gameplay there would be two things interesting for me but they’re not cars:

  • cargo bicycle (can carry about the same amount as a hand truck but of course is faster)
  • motorcycle for getting everywhere quickly, getting around traffic jam etc. (but no cargo possible)

If it has to be a car, I guess a convertible might be fun. Just as with the bikes, the challenge would be that the driver has to be visible.
Alternatively, this would be really really cool in the game:

Not sure if it’s realistic for NY though… :smiley:


Seriously, I think a Tesla car could be nice, because it’s nice for the environment

Thank you everyone!

Yes, special vehicles are coming later on. Good suggestions tho, I was only thinking about a scooter :smiley:

I’m kinda into a Tesla too. They are so relevant in these times. Maybe a Model 3?

Yeah, and call it “Alset Model E” :slight_smile:

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We need some cool cars not just business cars… what about an e30 m3 or some jdm cars?

and a game about rags2riches wouldn’t be complete without some insane cars to work towards. Ferrari’s, lamborghini’s and Bentleys!


Totally agree. The Mercedes S Class is already on the task list. You know I can’t deny a E30 :smiley:

A stretch limousine would also be nice but no fun to drive on the city streets. :smiley:

Haha close to impossible. Would at least be player-driven only :smiley:

I think I’m a little late to this discussion, but I would suggest the Prius Prime, as a second car. It might be a little much for our developing entrepreneur to jump from a Civic to a Tesla. The Prime would be a good logical next setp.

How about an SUV so you can drop the kids at school between jobs?

We already got a crossover SUV by now (the one on the top):

Not sure if a bigger SUV would be so much fun to drive in the busy streets :smiley:


All those bigger SUVs might be the reason the streets are so busy!

As an English man I would really like to see the mini Cooper in the game. I think that would be pretty cool


bicycles with 2 items that go faster than walking. or scooter that goes a little faster with 3 items. you could nerf the hand cart so player drains stamina faster if going long distances to make it so they prioritise a different means. but i will be honest its actually fun running across town with a hand truck :stuck_out_tongue:

Something late game could be Semis or Cargo trucks. holding around 50-100 stacks of items. I let you guys decide exact numbers they can carry. Right now for me a Van does job nicely.

Smart fortwo or Smart forfour (EQ).
With 2 or 4 stacks of items.
Interesting for big cities like NY.

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