What car should we add next?

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Not specifically a car type, but more of a car “add-on”… could some cars/vans have an optional roof rack to expand cargo limits?

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I already thought about adding workshops to allow changing wheels and paint. Roof rack might not be too complex, but kinda cool :smiley:

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GM pick up could be cool

I think it would be great if there were police cars and ambulances driving through the streets.

As a driveable car it would be great if you could add the newest generation of the VW Golf into the game. :smile:

I would like to see is suv, land rover and maybe a jeep

I think it’s worth adding a racing car for a late game to show bots-pedestrian who is an ambitious businessman here :rofl:, for example, McLaren Artura

Just an idea but maybe add motorhomes. wife and kids could sleep in it while you work and could travel with you.

Suburban XL the biggest longest suburban it could hold like 30 boxes…you can literally fit a full-size bed in one laying down to sleep on it.

Speaking of problems with traffic in “Big Ambitions”. Why not add a ‘Monster Truck’ to the game so players that don’t want to wait for traffic can drive over traffic. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Love it, but since there are so many calls for a convertible, how about the e36 convertible?
Also it would be cool to have cars also as investments/collectibles, like old timers. Could be interesting late game.

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Smart fortwo: The only car that can park “vertically” on curbside parking spaces.