Three comfort suggestions


thanks for the great game, I love it :slight_smile:
I have collected a few suggestions in the 40 hours I have played so far that would simplify corporate life:

  • Hand trucks always disappear from offices and flats, this is inconvenient when you have to carry goods back and forth (e.g. from the pallet into the building and then accidentally out of the building without the hand truck).
  • When an employee retires, their planned tasks are gone. I.e. when a buyer retires it would be great if the previous tasks could be transferred, the same with the logistician.
  • A possibility to call a taxi by phone would be great.

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Those are great ideas! id love to see the option to quick hire movers to unload all the boxes inside. Very simple but would be so helpful mid/late game.


Yeah, it would also be nice to introduce large trolleys at their enterprises, as in Ikea - for 6 slots.
And it is also very inconvenient to operate a loader in a warehouse, it would be great if it could move with the mouse button.

This would really make a large difference in setup time. Not having to manually move it all and in time for the next shipment in 4 hours. I think adding more delivery times or possibly even being able to schedule them for different days in advance or have our own drivers go pick it up would be pretty nice too.

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I think having a dating/marriage feature in the game would be nice so that you can have kids and leave your empire to your spouse and children to continue the game after death if you so choose would be a great little feature addition as well

Indeed! BTW - that has been suggested, if you want to upvote it!

Roommate / Family / Children - Feature Suggestions - Big Ambitions Community (

I think the idea is cool, I would also be in favor of being able to choose both the time and date of delivery yourself, I don’t understand why the delivery is only delivered at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.!?
Here the AI can, for example, optically reserve different delivery dates in order to simulate a lively game world.
I also think that the order value should be changed from $2000 to $1000, the more you order the less shipping you pay.
It would also make sense that you can place an order for up to 180 items, this delivery is then split into 10 deliveries and you can then use the calendar to select when the goods are to be delivered, in the manner of an appointment calendar.

Because calendars can then also be used for other entries, e.g. advertisements, application placements, user-defined entries.
e.g. appointment calendar
Monday day 100:
8:00 Delivery (Ika)
10:00 call bank (name of bank)
12:00 p.m. Submit application (Company A)
15:00 Delivery (Ika)
18:00 Delivery (Ika)
Tuesday day 101:
appointment 1
appointment 2
That would also be useful if you haven’t played the game for a long time, you can see what you last did/wanted to do by looking at the calendar!

I think the idea that you can commission your own driver to order and pick up Ika is great. Here you can, for example, store the items in existing storage shelves and highlight them in color so that you don’t have to look for them.

Damn. If this is still true, it needs fixing. Great suggestion.

No one has suggested Taxi services in another thread already? That surprises me. Yeah. That’s needed too. Not just Taxis but perhaps chauffeurs with luxury cars too… for the big cheeses out there?

This post was from March 22, so that’s already pretty early for the game. However, yes, taxis were requested back in 2021:

Taxi driver / company - New Business Ideas - Big Ambitions Community (