Taxi driver / company

Hi all,

In another post I read the great idea of implementing taxis to drive through the city of New York. Which is a really great idea, but I thougt about something larger.

The first idea I had was implementing taxidriver as a great job option for the beginning of the game. Maybe it could be a job without fixed hours, you only earn money when you are driving people trough the city.
For beginning your shift you have to go to the taxi headquarter, get into a taxi and start the job. At the end of your shift you have to park the taxi back at the headquarter. You will find customers either per app or standing at the edge of the walkway and raising their hand.

For a later point of the game it would be awesome if you could start your own taxi company and see your taxis driving through the city. For every taxi you would have to pay a licence and for the car you need to pay aswell.

I hope you like this idea.



Reading this gave me a twist on that idea - if it were something like uber/lyft instead of a taxi, you could use your own personal car to transport people for a fee.

This would be another way to make money when you’re just starting out and you’re waiting for your one small store to start turning profit. Especially when you’re just waiting for hours to pass (not to downplay the amazing sleeping benches that are soon to come :wink: )

That’s also a good idea, but for buying a car you need money, which you would rather use for opening your own shop. :thinking:

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True, but I feel you can open a shop and get a car fairly easily (at least at this point) - it’s just a matter using them while you’re waiting for other things to build up. That way you could be running your own business still.

But I think you’re saying more similar to getting a job at the store. Something to do for someone else to build up your own money at the beginning. Could be interesting.

I like this. Also the ability to be a bus driver.