Store Template / Pre-built shops / Blueprints

A nice feature would be a gallery with prebuilt shops. After setting up the first 5 shops it became a bit tedious to set up the next one. I don’t mind having to pay extra to use this feature. E.g., all the items cost $25000, but you pay 15% for the people setting it up. It can also take 1+ days to complete.


I like this idea. I had the same issue when scaling with Startup Company…I loved the ability to customize the offices and such, but as I expanded and grew into a larger building, it was very tedious to move each window and partition, piece by piece.

I think this would make a great addition to the current interior design section (I think that’s what it’s called - where you can customize floors and walls). Perhaps there are “furnishing” options with different layout options based on the size of the room and type of business.

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Hi guys!

That’s a great idea! I think Sims have something similar to this too.

In the future, it’s already planned that you’ll be able to buy competitor businesses, including their inventory. However, that won’t help for blank stores.

Would it be even cooler if we somehow made this require a specific employee type to be seated in your headquarter? Could be an “interior designer” or something like that. We generally try to avoid any “magic” from happening in the game, similar to requiring you to actually go to the furniture store.


Gating it behind an interior designer is a fair compromise. By the time you can afford one you already set up a few.

A feature like the gallery from The Sims would be cool. Otherwise, just have a few prebuilt shops to choose from. Either will work for me.

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We generally try to avoid any “magic” from happening in the game

I love that mentality - it’s more fun and satisfying to earn things. However, getting an interior designer at HQ is a perfect compromise, in my opinion.

" you’ll be able to buy competitor businesses, including their inventory. "

Side note - I was hoping for something like this, so that’s excellent!

The interior designer sounds great. There could be a selector of equipment what the store can have, and the designer will automatically purchase that equipment and place it in the store. Additionally to this, there could predefined and manual designs. By interacting with this designer, the player can view any owned business from a distance like on a blueprint.

Maybe this is a separate idea as the designer can be too powerful and the amount of the responsibility can be too much. How about to add equipment delivery to the shops. When starting a new business for a building 285 m2, lets say gift shop. The player will have 40 building capacity and require:

  • 3 round shelves for cheap gifts
  • 3 round shelves for expensive gifts
  • 2 counters with 2 cash registers, or, 2 checkout counters
  • 2 soda fridges
  • 2 shopping baskets
  • 1 mop
  • at least 1 storage shelf

Minimum number of items 14. And all this is done with the hand truck only having a capacity of 4 boxes. And not only that, the items are in different stores.

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@Ampire that would be a cool feature if it is possible to build. Personally, if the Interior designer use one of a set of prebuilt shops, I would be happy.

I also like the gallery idea from the sims, because you can now save a pizza shop template, and a burger joint. So you can even choose what type of fast food shop the Interior Deseigner should build.

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I’m bumping this for a possible adjustment. Since I’m more of an office fan, setting up an office is quite simple, you buy desks, chairs, and computers, combine all 3 parts into a single combo and you can work with it.
That being said, we’re limited to a maximum of 4 items being manually moved from one place to another. If we can stack them all up to come prepared within a single box which we pre-order in advance, and then place the combo manually, that’ll save a lot of time as well.
I understand you not wanting “magic” in the game, and I believe this is a reasonable solution and still keeping the manual work in tact, but not as annoying as it currently has to be.



Loving the game, I do have one suggestion that might have been mentioned already.

Creating a large store from nothing can be tremendously time consuming. I understand the immersion of having to order the stuff and set it all up; but I think preset templates for different business would be great.

On the point of immersion though, maybe an option to have contractors set up your store. Could take a few in game days and cost a whole lot more. I do doubt my CEO with 100mil net worth would be doing all this work himself at this point. :slight_smile:



Good idea! Early Access 0.3 will be brining “Interior/order blueprints” which should have some form of what you’re talking about!

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wish to have in sooner
its so boring redesigning 75m shop more than 5 times
like an ability to design a store type one time and can use that custom blueprint for other shops in same size or type


maybe let it be edited by the player but sometimes something like a blueprint of interior of shop may save a few minutes when start a new business. just an idea. I can live without it. theres other game with these feature sometimes a player may want to save a couple minutes.


The idea is good and at the same time not. If I understand you correctly: “You suggest that when buying/renting a building for a business, click the” Automatic shop layout " button and the furniture will be bought and arranged by itself." I’m right? :thinking: It does not fit into the concept of the game a little, because in fact we personally go to the store and buy furniture, and then we put it so that it is convenient to move around (or that everything fits into the interior). Moreover, if at least 1 “blueprint” of the interior is created for each type of business, then all the stores will simply look monotonous, because the player will constantly use this function, which will cause interest in the game to disappear due to its monotony. But this is just my opinion.

I want something like this, but might have another suggestion:

We could expand the possibilities of interior interface.
In this mode we have an own bar for all the furniture that is inside the shop.
Or better yet, if it could include the furniture in the car outside (just a suggestion).
Then we could place the furniture around the store withouth having to walk around and looking silly.
yes, placing 24 clothing racks was clumsy.
and assigning what type of clothes to each rack was also clumsy.
I always pressed the wrong button or I clicked on the clothing rack next to it.
placing furniture is super annoying, especially after they decided to add the feature were you could select goods. I’m always pressing the wrong buttons or wrong furniture. It’s like writing on a small phone with huge hands while haunted by autocorrect.

add blueprint feature to steam workshop so that people that are tired of decorating and furnishing stores can enjoy the game and download store designs while those that love to decorate stores can upload their design to steam workshop and be recognised for their efforts. after subscribing the blueprint, there should be a menu to select which blueprint u want and show u where to place the appliances and furnitures after entering the store so we still need buy the items and place it but dont have to spend time thinking of where to put it and how to decorate it


Very cool!

In my opinion, these would function as “interior design firms” just like some of the special firms currently in town.
They always have very simple designs, but I think subscribing to the blueprints in the Steam Workshop will add to the designs proposed by the interior design firms in the game.
I think this could make the “interior blueprints” planned for EA 0.3 even better.

To request them, you need to have already rented the building, otherwise it is not necessary.
They will automatically purchase the shelves and other furniture, but if the player knows that some furniture can be bought cheaper at certain stores and has already transported some to the store, they can deduct that from the price.
It is not their job to prepare the goods.

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Hello, Dave
I just want to know when" Blueprints “can be implemented as soon as possible. When you have opened two companies, you will know that decorating a store or company with an area of more than 500 square meters is very tedious and torturous. For example, my company has about 600 square meters, and I want to place 20 tables. Even with a cart, I can only transport four tables at a time, and I need to repeat this boring and boring operation over and over again.”, "Most of my game time is wasted on this, and I hope it will improve soon.


Hello - It’s on the schedule currently for EA 0.3, but it’s also one of the top requested things, so we shall see if it gets shifted forward or not!

The devs are aware that this is a highly requested feature!

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I think it is a good idea !

Also, is it possible to add this option for apartments? Like an interior designer for example, going from simple decoration to more luxury.