Some Observations and A Question

I am actually seeing fewer available buildings since the patch. This includes all types. One game I started had 5 retail in GD, 4 in HK, 3 in MH and 2 in MT. Office space is 3 in GD, 2 in HK, 3 in MH and 5 in MT. Residential and warehouse seemed ok in that game but another game I started had 5 warehouses TOTAL!

That’s cool. One weird thing that seems to happen is I can clean the store my self multiple times per day and it always shows dirt every time. I schedule one person for one hour each day and it shows clean most of the time after that.

I understand the insurance does not get demanded at 50% any more, and now they want their lesser demand at 50%. That’s awesome and I love it, but are you aware this is happening at 50% with the skills added together? (Example: 35 customer service and 15 cleaning would trigger the demand.) This was happening with the insurance as well before the patch so that may have caused a little more consternation than if it had been at 50% on the customer service alone. It also makes me wonder if they will demand the insurance as the total skill reaches 100 and not just the primary skill level.

Thank you, I love the work done so far!

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Depends on what timeframe you’re talking about. Directly prior to the patch, within about 40 in-game days, there would be 0 retail buildings available at all. That’s what has been fixed.

Now prior to EA 0.2, there was a bug where no new businesses were being formed in Midtown or Murray Hill at all. That has been fixed, so compared to that time, yes, there are fewer now!!

What are you saying “shows clean”? The cleanliness customer rating? Or you go in and grab the mop to see the dirtiness percentage?

The customer rating is not a direct measure of the current cleanliness. If it gets a little dirty, customers might start to complain a little, which might slowly start to lower their rating. But before the change gets noticeable, the cleaner is already cleaning again and putting it back up to 100% rating.

I’ll have to check that to see if that’s the case. But also, I don’t think it’s exactly 50%, just “around 50%”. But I will look into that and see!

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By “shows clean”, I meant grabbing the mop and seeing 100%, several hours after the person was scheduled to clean. If I am cleaning it myself alone, it always has some dirt after just a little time goes by.

Ok, but I still think it is adding the skills together.

Thank you for the response!

Sorry, I forgot to respond to this. Not my experience at all. Right after 0.2, I started a game that I got up to 17 stores with still some spots available. Can’t remember how many in-game days that was though. I do have to say that I tend to keep my eye on stores shutting down within the market insider and if they left a good spot I snap it up even if I am not ready to open a store there yet.