EA 0.2 Build 1867 hotfix

EA 0.2 Build 1867 hotfix is now on steam!

Greetings to you all!

We’ve got a little patch here to “clean up” a bug and add a couple quality of life fixes while we’re at it.


  • Cleaners forgot how to clean, and stores were being called dirty even when they weren’t…that should be fixed now.
  • We told the AI to calm down and leave a few buildings for the player! If you’re already in a saved game with no free buildings, it might take a few weeks for it to balance out, but after that, it should be a lot easier to find available buildlings.
  • In EA 0.2, Uncle Fred starting sending you to the wholesaler to get deliveries, but with a $1,000 delivery fee, that was a bit unreasonable. It’s now much easier to handle at $400.
  • If your business was temporarily closed, the employees weren’t getting credit for their 4-days a week or 5-days a week demands. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the “MarketInsider” objective to display twice for some languages instead of showing the proper business school objective.


  • Employees should no longer ask for insurance at 50% skill. They will wait until they are closer to 100%.
  • Insurance has a 10-employee minimum. Previously, if you had fewer than 10 employees, the insurance wouldn’t activate. Now it does activate, but you pay for the 10 employee-minimum.
  • Previously, if you tried to get Gold Insurance but your HR Manager was too low level, it just didn’t offer you Gold. Now it shows you Gold but explains why you can’t get it.

Note about translations: Most of our translations are done by the community on our site “Localizor”. When new features come out, we put the new strings up on Localizor, but until the community translates them, you might find some strings that are still in English.

If you’re interested, you can participate in translating here:

From Hovgaard Games, we you hope enjoy this patch while we continue to work on EA 0.3!