Purchasing agents to be able to set a minimum of goods stored in the warehouses

Hi there,

after 450 days ingame and a very profitable clothing shop, with his own dedicated warehouse for the clothes, it turns out that I don’t want to micro manage it anymore, checking the number of goods and if my storage is not full, not allowing all the different type of clothes to be purchase.
I may suggest to add a feature to the Purchasing Agents, which is to set a minimum amount of goods stored in the warehouses (let say 3500 of each type of clothes), and buy what is necessary to maintain this amount.

I guess it will definitely help the player to macro manage businnesses on the long run!

Anyway, you’re doing a great job on this game!


Just yes please! Late game management for warehouses is a nightmare, this is very much needed. :slight_smile:

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Implemented in Beta 7!