Product Sales and Pricing

Here’s what I want: An in-game list of all the products sold across all of my companies and a sum of how many were sold in the last week.

You can find this information from each company in the Bizman Inventory and Pricing tab and with only 1 company of each type this is a fast way to find out how much to purchase. But as you maintain more than five or so companies, this becomes incredibly tedious to plug into an excel sheet.

I’m hoping it can be added as some sort of late-game mechanic. Maybe add an additional skillset to the existing purchasing agents, or maybe even have it become a new office business like an Accounting Firm.

It’s also important for continuous product flow to purchase excess of what you need if your businesses are growing. If you wanted to incorporate some skill-level unlocks then maybe the accountant doesn’t add the sums correctly until 60%, show you the correct amount between 60% - 79%, and will show you the correct amount AND the amount plus 25% excess stock if you get the skill level to 80% or above.

I don’t know, just some ideas. Mainly I’m getting burnt out from alt-tabbing to excel and the time it takes to record and sum all the stuff. (156.7 hours on Steam).

Fun early access project, cool vision. Keep up the good work.


Best to see what is your best selling item and bottomselling item

To begin with, thank you for game!
It’s a pleasure to play it :slight_smile:
To the question of the accountant - in my opinion, it would be nice to also introduce the position of sales manager in the office.
He must control a certain number of stores in matters of price control, general sales, sales dynamics.
Also, I think it’s worth adding to him the possibility of adjusting prices in stores: for retail, a surcharge of some percentage on the terms of sales or a hard percentage.
The player can use it or set prices himself.

P.S. Sorry for a possible mistakes. English is not my own.

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Similar to the post of Product Sales Accountant here: Product Sales Accountant

The Sales Person would oversee the management of prices/sales per assigned store, for example a low skill level Sales Person could manage upto 4 stores for example and this goes up and up. The tasks would be to manage prices of products in assigned stores and base them on price satisfaction and make sure not to go into negatives.
Added onto this the Sales Person could also manage and show summarys of the revenues of this business however I think this should be as the other suggestion into a job names “Accountant”.

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Keeping an eye on prices for the products or services of your first business is quite easy. Ten of them is getting challenging. But as Uncle Fred encourages you to build a bigger and bigger NYC empire, this task is getting difficult. A specially designed personnel thinking about the new 0.5 update, we want to present you the “Marked Advisor”. Just like an HR, manager, or HeadHunter, this kind of worker is a must in your headquarters.

Let us explain their tasks. Each Marked Advisor will manage up to 10 business folders (max 10 on 100% training stat). These employees will study the market and observe the moves of your new rivals in NYC. Studying the best price to get as many customers as possible and why not, to crash your rivals too. However, this employee is not a manager, just an advisor. So he/she eventually sends you a message with the new recommendation prices for products or services of one of your businesses. You can accept the modification or reject it, it’s your call.

This employee will send you text messages with price recommendations when:

  • Customers are angry because the price of your product/service is too high.
  • (Event) When you should raise the price (and how much) when there is no stock of product in the market.
  • When rival lowers his prices on a district (Counterattack)
  • Other events.

However, Market Advisor is not a mage. He needs time to analyze the market and see how the business is going in the first place. It will take some hours or even a day or two, to realize that the price has changed, and of course, he is human. He might get wrong sometimes (95% correct prices advice on 100% training). But as soon he has the best advice, he will text you and you will have the final call to accept or reject. No hard feeling on the second option; it’s just business.

This employee will need:

  • A big table (it takes a lot of space to manage those 10 businesses).
  • A chair (don’t be too thought on them, they need to sit too)
  • A computer to manage and investigate prices.
  • A blackboard/board to get all this together and get some ideas.
  • A phone (to text you, don’t you remember?)

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

PS: Numbers and amounts are just examples that I imagine would fit on the ACTUAL status of the game on this day.

PPS: English is not my native language, I self-learned so excuse me if I wrote some words or sections wrong.