Product Sales Accountant

Here’s what I want: An in-game list of all the products sold across all of my companies and a sum of how many were sold in the last week.

You can find this information from each company in the Bizman Inventory and Pricing tab and with only 1 company of each type this is a fast way to find out how much to purchase. But as you maintain more than five or so companies, this becomes incredibly tedious to plug into an excel sheet.

I’m hoping it can be added as some sort of late-game mechanic. Maybe add an additional skillset to the existing purchasing agents, or maybe even have it become a new office business like an Accounting Firm.

It’s also important for continuous product flow to purchase excess of what you need if your businesses are growing. If you wanted to incorporate some skill-level unlocks then maybe the accountant doesn’t add the sums correctly until 60%, show you the correct amount between 60% - 79%, and will show you the correct amount AND the amount plus 25% excess stock if you get the skill level to 80% or above.

I don’t know, just some ideas. Mainly I’m getting burnt out from alt-tabbing to excel and the time it takes to record and sum all the stuff. (156.7 hours on Steam).

Fun early access project, cool vision. Keep up the good work.


Best to see what is your best selling item and bottomselling item

To begin with, thank you for game!
It’s a pleasure to play it :slight_smile:
To the question of the accountant - in my opinion, it would be nice to also introduce the position of sales manager in the office.
He must control a certain number of stores in matters of price control, general sales, sales dynamics.
Also, I think it’s worth adding to him the possibility of adjusting prices in stores: for retail, a surcharge of some percentage on the terms of sales or a hard percentage.
The player can use it or set prices himself.

P.S. Sorry for a possible mistakes. English is not my own.