Personal Goals feel out of order

Overall, I like the concept of the Personal Goals. It gives you some things to shoot for while waiting for your money to roll in. Obviously, there are no “rewards” at the moment, but they are indicated existing in the future.

However, some of the Goals feel extremely disproportionate in their ordering:

I think “30 Successful Retail businesses” should be several spots higher on the list (maybe the top spot). This demands 4 warehouses with 8 vehicles - so 2 purchasing agents, 4 logistics managers and 8 drivers, that is already 14 employees. Even with only 2 customer service employees per business, and one cleaner (which feels really low overall), this adds 90 employees for 104 total.

“Hire 100 Employees” is the top goal, which is already passed by the earlier “30 Retail Businesses” Goal. “10 Office Businesses” is also before “Employ 100 people”. 2 Offices can fit 100 Employees if you wanted to. I think the “100 Employees” Goal should either be a lot lower on the list, or a much higher number.

(“50 Employees” being before “10 retail businesses” has the same mismatched problem to me).

$120,000 Vehicle was purchased fairly early on, especially long before I have the warehouse/truck setup for 30 retail businesses, so I think that Goal should be lower.

Hi mate!

First of all, nice to see some feedback regarding personal goals. Not a lot of players have come by that part of the game yet :slight_smile:

You’re totally right, it’s quite out of balance right now.

I’m thinking the easiest would be to invite the community to help put together the list. At the same time we can welcome suggestions for new goals. I’ll set up an official thread, including your suggestions, right away.

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