Feedback wanted: Personal Goals

Hi everyone!

After reading @SuperDave’s thread about personal goals (Personal Goals feel out of order) I wanted to invite everyone to help put together the list of personal goals in the game.

Order of personal goals

  • Run 1 successful retail businesses
  • Own a vehicle worth $2,000
  • Reach a valuation of $1,000,000
  • Employ at least 10 people
  • Rent a 100 sqm apartment
  • Run 1 successful office business
  • Run 5 successful retail businesses
  • Reach a valuation of $2,000,000
  • Own a vehicle worth $15,000
  • Employ at least 50 people
  • Reach a valuation of $10,000,000
  • Run 10 successful retail businesses
  • Own a vehicle worth $120,000
  • Run 5 successful office business
  • Rent a 200 sqm apartment
  • Own a vehicle worth $90,000
  • Reach a valuation of $50,000,000
  • Rent a 500 sqm apartment
  • Reach a valuation of $100,000,000
  • Run 10 successful office business
  • Employ at least 200 people
  • Run 30 successful retail businesses

This is the current list, after applying Dave’s suggestions. Are there any other goals you think we should re-order?

New goals?

We also want to add other types of goals, not just limited to what’s already on the list. Do you have any ideas? Could be something like `Buyout 10 competitors" etc.

Also, as this isn’t mentioned anywhere: Personal goals will become Steam achievements on release.

As always, thanks for any feedback!



Hi Jonas,

I would like to add few simple ones:

  • Own N vehicles (despite the cost)
  • Generate N daily revenue and hold it for M days/weeks
  • Buyout one competitor (all his businesses)
  • Take N loan in bank in one transaction
  • Payout a loan before the end date
  • Die from age

And few harder ones:

  • Own the market for … (here I`m not sure what business would be the most opened)
  • Wait for a loan to be payed out by itself (its not harder, but it would bug me)
  • Hold “or cleaning/popularity etc” % in all businesses for N days/weeks (opens only when owning 10+ businesses)

And few crazy ones:

  • Own N employees and don’t assign them to work for M days
  • Have a 24/7 business for N days/weeks
  • Own all apartments
  • Have only one employee in a business working N hours a day for M weeks
  • Have a negative revenue in a business for N days/weeks
  • Have a “or cleaning/popularity etc” 0% in a business for N days/weeks
  • Die from hunger (if it would be possible)

Just to add some context, all achievements only encourage to grow and grow more, that is good. I would like to see the ones anyone would try to avoid and show the downside of that.



I currently only have a couple personal goals I would like to see added (I will of course have more ideas I will probably want to see) but one goal that should be added after full release would be: Own everything as in all real estate, every buyable building, competitor, etc,.

The Other idea I would like to see added Would be a car collectors personal goal and clothing collectors goal (when personal buyable items are available).

I now have more ideas for personal goals:

  1. Along with the “Reach a Valuation Of $$$” Goals there should be goals like “Hold 1 million dollars in your bank account for x amount of days” and you could make multiple personal goals like that.

  2. Another goal could be employee training goals for example: “Train X amount of employees” or “Train X amount of employees to 100%” allowing you to make multiple personal goals for this.

  3. Add more “Reach a valuation goals” I know 100million dollars is a lot but I feel like when more content is added to the game the 100million dollar goal could be easily reached, there should at least be a goal added “Reach a valuation of 500million” and “Reach a valuation of 1billion”.

  4. Buyout Goal, there should be a few buyout competitors goals. a bunch of these goals could be “Buy out X amount of competitors” and then there should be versions of it like “buyout and shut down x amount of competitors”.

  5. More Buyout Goals, Along with the above buyout goals more could be included. What could be included would be a personal goal along the lines of “buyout all (type) of business within (district)” Or “buyout all businesses in x amount of districts”

That is all the goals I can think about off the top of my head I will post more after the beta 3 Test, i am hoping there is a lot of personal goals in this game after hearing they will become achievements on steam because I believe this game would be a perfect achievement hunting game.


So with this run, I made it nearly all the way up the chain of goals, but as things are currently, the $50,000,000 and definitely $100,000,000 net worth goals are really high with little return on the playability at that level. I know things like owning apartments, and stock markets could really help with this in the future, but for now…

I’m not quite sure what all goes into those calculations, as owning more fancy cars, etc. didn’t seem to help. I got my 30 retail stores at 224 days and had a net worth of $13.6 million. You can’t really expand much more into retail without manually doing deliveries in Bizman, as you’ve maxed out your import/export location slots. I could have optimized stores with longer hours, but without current HR and auto-scheduling features that is quite tedious with hundreds of employees, so I just went for a sleep/restock blitz.

I purchased 4 offices during that time that I kept, as well as liquidating all my competitors (which didn’t seem to impact the world or profit at all), and all 43 of my businesses were profitable nearly every day with between $180k-$300k total daily profit.

I hit the $50 million valuation on day 414.

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Small note. It’s nyc yet the goals are in the metric system. Not a big deal but a little unrealistic

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Agreed, and likely that should be fixed in Beta 6:

  • Support for imperial units and 12-hour time
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