Option "Auto-Fill All" for cleaning staff


When I use the Auto-Fill All" option in the Schedule menu, it assigns my cleaning staff for the 3 first days of the week for example and it leaves the other days.

I would argue that the cleaning staff assignment should be different. If I have only one cleaning employee, they should be assigned to all days of the week (2 hours per day for ex.)

What do you think ?

EDIT: By the way, I also noticed that many Youtubers streaming their gameplays do exactly the same: they assign the cleaning staff for around 2 hrs/day and they do it manually for each day of the week.

I have a fast-food restaurant running for 24 hours. I hired two people for cleaning. It’s a bit tiring to do assign them manually, while managing others business. Also, it’s error-prone when we manage many businesses.