Cleaning Company / Assign Cleaners to Multiple Shops

Right now if you own several bussinesses, you have a lot of staff each with their demands, and its often a struggle to fill your schedule and make everyone happy. Also every staff needs to be trained to a high skill level.
Sometimes i have to go trough 2 rounds of asking for 10 employees at the recruitment agency to find someone to fill the gap i have in my schedule.

So i have 2 suggestions:
1: pls let me assign a worker to multiple bussiness, this makes it so much easier to fullfill their needs and fill my schedules.
For example: A full time cleaner can easily clean mutliple bussiness I own, because cleaning a small bussiness takes only 2-3 hours. So a fulltime (30-50hours) cleaner wanting a five days week has so many hours cleaning an already clean store just to reach their 30hour minimum. Why not let him clean 3 hours at store A in the morning and cleaning 3 hours at store B in the evening. This would be a huge improvement in reducing the number of staff I have and achieving everyones needs while being able to fill my schedule the way i want it. I now often have to adjust my opening hours to fullfill the needs off my staff. What real life store does that?

2: pls let me choose when asking for staff at the recruitment agency if i want full time or part time candidates. The way it is now is makes me go through too much rounds of recruitement.



This would be great, especially for cleaning staff. You would need fewer staff and be able to satisfy their requirements still.


This would be a great feature and make it worth while in terms of hiring a cleaner early on in the game.


1 - On condition that the travel time between two jobs is remunerated and integrated into the schedule. Teleportation is not a technology discovered in real life (I believe)
2 - Good idea. We could optimize staff planning and employee satisfaction

Staff management a little more complex. Will the personnel manager be able to help?
Or a temporary staff agency ?

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On condition that the travel time between two jobs is remunerated and integrated into the schedule. Teleportation is not a technology discovered in real life (I believe)

I like this - an hour working, hour traveling, and hour working at the other job is 2 productive hours, but 3 hours you pay them. This allows more convenient scheduling but doesn’t feel like “cheating”.

Staff management a little more complex. Will the personnel manager be able to help?
Or a temporary staff agency ?

This will be handled in a future beta:

  • HR Manager (HQ): Allow auto-hiring, temp employees, salary negotiation etc.

This was the way I thought about it from the start; you now have a certain amount of time that passes when you use the public transportation system or taxi’s ingame, i think this should be the travel time between two job sites for an employee.

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I’d prefer a player owned dedicated cleaning company that can service you’re businesses and others predominantly after hours. But those ideas work as well.


I like the idea of Cleaners being a player-owned business. Like the warehouse drivers…you can assign them to multiple locations through the cleaning shop supervisor - maybe the higher their skill level, the faster they work, and the more businesses they can clean.

I would say “after-hours” wouldn’t always work. You might have a shop open 24-hours a day. Or even if the shop is only open 18 hours, you still might want a cleaner during the day.


I meant the primary demand would be “nighttime” which means you have to find a bunch that are willing. And some daytime contracts could be found such as fast food which requires 2 cleanings from my experience.

Personally, I would also find it good if you had a few more criticisms when looking for staff

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I’d like to be able to hire someone and make him work in different business.

For instance the cleaner, in full time would be better for him to work in two or three stores instead of one


New Office style business: Cleaners

  • This could be a stand alone office business where you hire cleaners and sales managers/coordinators
  • The business makes money by getting contracts to clean npc businesses and residential property.
  • The manager/coordinator can support a certian number of cleaners and handle a certain number of cleaning contracta based on skill level.
  • You would need to hire and train cleaners that work in a pool under the Manager
    Side ideas:
  • It would also be nice to assign your bussiness to be cleaned by the coordinators and just reduces the capacity of the cleaners for profitable work.
  • OR, your businesses could contract the cleaning business, so it would be an expense for one and profit for the other.
  • Maybe you need to buy vans or cars for the cleaners to use?

New Cleaning Manager in your HQ:

  • This system would function similar to the logistics manager and the delivery drivers.
  • You hire a cleaning manager to work in your HQ that can support a certian number of cleaners and handle a certain number of businesses based on skill level.
  • You would need to hire and train cleaners that work in a pool under the Manager
  • Maybe you need to buy vans or cars for the cleaners to use?

Contract NPC cleaning for your own businesses:

  • This would add a feature to just pay an NPC business to keep your business clean.
  • Maybe this is a transition from when the player cleans their own store in the begining, but not ready to hire a cleaner.
  • This could also be a useful option once they add employee benefits to the game.
  • Maybe hiring contractors has some benefits or disadvantages that plays into the decision of hiring them or not. Like they are cheaper than hiring your own, but dont clean as well as your own employees, or they are more expensive but your shop stays 100% clean. Just something that gives players a reason to do it or use other options.
  • This option is more about variety of options rather than solving a problem.


  • The addition of 1 or more of these ideas add more variety and flexability to play style.
  • It would then give the players the options of: cleaning themselves, hiring the cleaner directly to a business, paying to have the business cleaned, or managing the cleaning through an office (HQ or New Business)
  • Even if you add an internal Cleaning Manager to the HQ, I still like the idea of a Cleaning Bussiness as an idea for an Office building to make money by cleaning for NPCs

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I literally came here to suggest the cleaner business but I was too late.

I don’t like that if I hire a “cleaner,” that’s all they can do, then I have a bunch of crappy looking schedules with too many “needs.”

Cleaning business would be an ideal solution. That way we could build our own cleaning business, then contract those cleaners to our own businesses. This handles tax problems while also reducing overall cost.


I was also going to make a feature suggestion when I saw this topic, which I will obviously vote for because I think it is important to add the improvement of the cleaners system into the roadmap.

Here is my reflection on the question of cleaners below.

Cleaners can currently only be attached to one company.
The problem is that we have no idea of the time they need to completely clean a room whose surface area changes depending on the building.

For a simple shop, it is easier to ask its employee in charge of customers to clean before or after his service in the shop, unless his hourly salary is not too high compared to that of a cleaner.
But recruiting a cleaner for only 7 hours a week does not seem very wise to me.

It could be useful to recruit cleaners, not in a shop but at the head office, or in a cleaning company which one will have specially created, and to assign them to the cleaning of several shops, according to their working time.

Precisely, concerning the management of the working time of the cleaners, it would be necessary to be able to evaluate the time necessary to clean a room according to its dirtiness and the level of competence of the cleaner.
Thus, a cleaner with 100% skill should be able to clean the smallest room, 100% dirty, in 1 hour.
Another room also 100% dirty but with a surface twice as large, will be cleaned in 2 hours by the same cleaner.
For a cleaner with a skill of 50%, it will take 2 hours to clean the smallest room, and 4 hours for a room twice as large. And so on, a cleaner with a skill of 25% will take 4 hours for the smallest room and 8 hours for a room twice as large, etc.

You have understood the logic: you will have to adjust the number of cleaners needed according to their skill, the surface to be cleaned and its dirtiness. The planning page interface must then be able to indicate the level of cleaning according to the number of cleaners and their respective skills.

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Ich sehe vieles davon ähnlich. Das Reinigen der Geschäfte ist ein wirkliches Problem. Ab dem 3. eigenen Laden wird es schwierig und mündet in ein unangenehmes Mikro Management. Ich wäre auch dafür das Reinigungssystem zu überarbeiten. Mitarbeiter mehreren Geschäften zuzuordnen ist dabei eine Möglichkeit. Externe Reinigungsfirmen anzuheuern und mit diesen Reinigungsverträge abzuschließen wäre eine 2. Möglichkeit. Diese würde dann auch wieder einen “realistischen” Ansatz liefern. Ich würde aber sogar soweit gehen und sagen das auch das Management des anderen Personals nochmals überarbeitet werden sollte. Kundendienst Mitarbeiter find ich ok, einmal vernünftig eingestellt funktionieren diese gut. Die Mitarbeiter im Hauptsitz jedoch, finde ich übertrieben aufwändig und dazu auch wenig realistisch. Ein Einkäufer, der nur einen Vertrag gleichzeitig bearbeiten kann, obwohl dieser nur 2-3 Produkte enthält ist nicht realistisch. Das ganze System ist zu schnell, zu sehr aufgebläht finde ich. Es nimmt etwas den Spielspaß!

Die Firmen müssten ja nicht zwangsläufig im Besitz des Spielers sein. Ein externes Unternehmen könnte ja auch vertraglich angeheuert werden. Ähnlich wie die Mitarbeiter Suche, könnte man beim Reinigungsunternehmen einen Service bestellen und diesen über den bereits existierenden Kalender eintragen.

heh, I just made a suggestion for a janitorial service in the business ideas category. I think it would be a good idea, but it would still be nice to be able to assign a cleaner to several businesses in the early game…

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I would like to see a janitorial service added to run and/or the ability to assign an employee to more than one business for cleaning duties

I hope this makes sense…


I merged them together just to ensure all the votes/comments are in one place to more easily convince the devs of how many people want it! :smiley:

Create a new Office business, Cleaning Company, we could do contracts with other offices and business and also clean our own business with an Office hour cost.