Museum / Art Gallery / Auction House

This was a business idea suggested on Steam, and I’m bringing it here for votes!

It’s an interesting idea and the Gallery got me thinking - you could have the default furniture you buy, but instead of importing inventory, you choose what art you’re going to display from available options.

Sometimes, the gallery goes well, and many people buy lots of tickets and buy the art (where the gallery takes 50%). You can keep the same Gallery until customers start complaining that they’ve already seen it or until you’ve sold all the pieces and want a new gallery to make more money.

Other times, the gallery might not connect with them, and it does very poorly. You sell very few tickets and sell no art.

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Buying art to park your money, and a new business type for art (for more expensive stuff in the game).

I was thinking about something similar to this, but more than just art, how about a whole auction house? Like Art, Furniture, Cars and even some that are unique to the Auction house. It could even lead to other things like an appraiser to see if you got a good deal. This might not be realistic until there are more of these types of items in the game, but I think it would be fun and a way real world wealthy people diversify their portfolios.

in game auction houses for rare items: cars, art, etc.

Could be interesting for players wanting to build an art collector charactor, or just has a completionist mentaility.