Insurance / Disaster

Addition of insurance companies (health, car, life, vision, and dental)
The ability to run your own insurance company


Has there been any planning about adding some stuff like emergency expenses?

For example, a worker injures him/herself at work and so the player will need to pay for the medical bills and time off salary as worker’s compensation.

Or maybe a building fire/robbery which would lead to a loss for the business unless the player has signed up for insurance.

I liked the thought of having salary benefits in Startup Company where the employees were more likely to stay if the benefits were better and had improved moods. It would be great to see that as a feature in this game too.


Insurance company should works like lawyers company business and the player can have Insurance to his vehicles or health insurance in case of him going to hospital or crashing into a car’s it should reduce the amount of money spent of wake up in the hospital or making a car accident (which will be in the game next patches i believe).

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This could be both a business and a general feature, but in general, insurance could make for a great addition.

As a feature, this would allow you to not have to pay $100.000 on your car repairs after trying to buy a hamburger at 3 am with your great driving skills, or in combination with the upcoming theft and security additions, it could be used to regain part of the value for a detected theft (maybe through CCTV you could detect, but not stop a theft and then file an insurance claim). Additionally, the hospital could be another thing that costs money in the future (looking at you, american health insruance “system”), so this would be another thing to cover with insurance.
In the HQ, you would then need an insurance manager, which could have a limit of stores they can cover, similar to the Logistics Manager, where more stores are covered per manager.

As a business, you would be slowly generating customers that generate a stable dayily/weekly income, with a chance to have to pay out smaller or larger sums, if said customers get into an accident. To make this one more interesting than the other office businesses, you could sell different kinds of insurance as your products (health insurance, 50% coverage; Health insurance, 100% coverage; Health insurance age <50/>50; Car insurance up to $15k etc.) and set the prices of these differently. This will also provide a challenge to make these businesses profitable. In general, since these businesses can potentially cost you a lot of money on one day and turn a big profit the next, they are probably best suited for mid to late game, but not the early game where every dollar can make or break you.

The business would need a different model of generating prices than the other stores and office business (no hourly fees/fees per purchase, but instead a daily or weekly fee), which might require a rework of an already existing system or an entirely new one, which would however be similar to Real Estate Development, where rent is also a regular income that is not on a “per purchase” basis.

Additionally, this game currently suffers from the same problem that Startup Company had, where the challenge is mostly over, once you turn profitable. Insurance system would add additional volatility to the things that are going on, which would allow for a more interesting late game. Insurance could also be affected by economic changes, or suggested (natural) disasters from this post.

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