Insurance / Disaster

Addition of insurance companies (health, car, life, vision, and dental)
The ability to run your own insurance company


Has there been any planning about adding some stuff like emergency expenses?

For example, a worker injures him/herself at work and so the player will need to pay for the medical bills and time off salary as worker’s compensation.

Or maybe a building fire/robbery which would lead to a loss for the business unless the player has signed up for insurance.

I liked the thought of having salary benefits in Startup Company where the employees were more likely to stay if the benefits were better and had improved moods. It would be great to see that as a feature in this game too.


Insurance company should works like lawyers company business and the player can have Insurance to his vehicles or health insurance in case of him going to hospital or crashing into a car’s it should reduce the amount of money spent of wake up in the hospital or making a car accident (which will be in the game next patches i believe).

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