Help with the profitability of buildings

Hello everyone congratulations on the great game. I am using google translator because my english is a bit bad.

I want to know how the profitability of the buildings works when they are bought, since I do not understand very well how the highest profitability is obtained from these and currently in my game they generate very little profit.

I hope someone can explain to me in detail how it works.

Thank you all and have a nice day.

Overall - they are simply not profitable. But they have a few purposes.

  1. If you own the building, you can kick out the AI inside and own it yourself.
  2. If you own the building, you don’t pay rent.
  3. If you leave an AI business in your building (or it’s a residential building) you can make a tiny bit of daily rent
  4. If a building is listed as “for sale”, you can try to underbid the price a little, and then resell for a little higher. They likely will only take a price 1-2% lower, so you won’t make a ton of money, but it’s something…
  5. It looks cool to own all the buildings in city
  6. It hides the money from the bank. If you leave the money in the bank, you’ll be charged with “negative interest” every Monday. But if you put the money in a building, you won’t get that fee.
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Thank you very much for the information.
For example, there is some optimal way to raise the rent, because when I raise it, the building gets its status of 20% or less and if the rental price goes down, the bar goes up 100%, so I don’t know what the optimal way is to earn money with rent from the AI, which is what interests me.

There are a lot of tips and hints in this thread:

Pretty much, yes. With a lower price, you’ll have more people. But with a higher price, you’ll have fewer. You’ll have to experiment to find the best price per customer balance for the buidling!

True, although this thread you linked is about making money in retail, though, right? The OP is talking about real estate.

Ahh, now I understand. Yeah, that’s not gonna fly then. I’m not that far yet, so I can only use tips, not give them :smiley:

I own a few buildings now and they are fairly useless at the moment. I think the best thing to use it for is to eliminate competition. Either buy the building and kick them out or just buy the company (Which doesn’t require buying the building) and take it over so you don’t have to build it.

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