Why am I not making money

Read the title.

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couldn’t be me :smile:

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Hard to say with just that one screenshot…

I could guess.

  • Too much spending on marketing
  • Not enough diverse items to sell in one store (for example, your burger shop could also sell soda, french fries and donuts)
  • You do not have enough in stock to sell, hench the sudden drop in sales.

Again, all random guesses because you did not provide enough context.

Good luck mate!

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How can I provide more information? Otherwise, thank you very much for your help! I will try to see that

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OMG HOW do a tuto on youtube please x)

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What is the type of business?

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Business types: Business Types | Big Ambitions Wiki | Fandom
If you click on “Fast Food Restaurant” you will see everything you can sell in there.

Do note!! that I’m in no way a great player, I just make a little bit surplus.
You can tell us, per business, what is on the Insights tab.

For example the Customers screen on the right shows I’ve got more then just burgers. I also got donuts and fries. All of them are on or above the building limit.

This building limit is how many people can come into your store’s building. But those people CAN buy more then one thing per person, this is how you make more money.

Also, your employees have needs you need to meet: (employees are on the Schedule tab (and the My Employees app))

See to it that these needs are green!
Also, my customer service is a bit on the low side. You can take your employee out of the business and train them for 10% higher each day. (you will personally have to take the shift then)

This is quite a good tutorial:

While I’m not wholly agreeing with #2, it does make sense.

Also, I forgot something. Do spend some money on buying the cheap JayBeeel Loudspeaker 3 and place in it your store. People love music. Also paint some walls while your there, if you can afford it!

Thanks for all the help.
I tried to do a bit of everything you said I just miss customer service and I think it will be good!

I also started a jewelry store which already brings me so much money.
Even if I still have two or three things to change


Thanks all !

Get bigger locations (75 capacity), meet the capacity needs of your current locations, add more product, get your warehouse in line, make sure your logistic/purchasing managers and drivers are stocking the right amount in store and in warehouse, train your employees with your HR managers, and make sure you hire enough to have your stores open as much as possible (24/7 is optimal - Make sure each register is covered if business is going good).

If you still have to make manual deliveries of essential items, you’re warehouse isn’t functioning at maximum capacity. You have to get it to where you can sleep for a week straight if you want and not get any “Store is running low” messages. I went from constantly running from store to store with product or paper bags to not getting any popups at all for tasks.

My strategy now is I find a 75 capacity store (minimum 40 for traffic), order all equipment and place it (especially storage shelves - 10 minimum), call the recruiter for 8 to 10 employees and 2 to 4 cleaners, train my employees up once hired but before I assign them, set my inventory minimums with my drivers, set my warehouse minimums at my purchasing agent, fill the schedule so it’s open 24/7, and then just deal with the initial tasks of the store opening but usually by day 2 they’re self-maintaining. It’s all about getting to where you have as minimal downtime, minimal setup time, minimal manual time.

Guys, I tried to do a bit what you said… here is the render

Thanks all !


Oooh!! Quite the difference, nice!!

I tried fast food shops, but cannot make any money. Gifts, flowers, jewellery and clothes sell really well, so I just stick to those items

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I was watching a stream and saw a guy with a Law Office pulling in 200k+ and thought it was some error but apparently that is the one business where you have to change the price and it will make a killing. Gonna give Web Dev a try tonight after I setup a few more stores.

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Every business can be raised up, depending on the district, but for Law and Web it is basically required to be profitable!!

I had also started with a restaurant that does not bring in and a coffee that also brings very little

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