Delivery Company

listen to me. with all the additions that will take place later in the game, it’s going to be fun, but if we want to create a transport company, we take contracts from another company and deliver them to the company in question for X time and we could take like 2-3 contracts at the same time in total it would be good to entertain players who like to deliver goods … a bit like in Euro truck but Big Ambitions version.

P.S: we could need big truck like semi truck and bigger garage for them too


I was wondering about this as well. I’d much rather be able to hire a company that will get all the items I request and bring them to me in a few trips instead of me having to order them from the appliance store, sleep until the delivery comes, clear it before the next store delivers, bring it all in, order again, sleep again, repeat. Depending on if this game gets online capabilities and how it plays out, I think it will probably be one of the main ways for new players to get started.

I am at the point now where I had to ask myself why it isn’t possible to buy the appliance store and have access to the inventory of the warehouse to ship stuff where I need it when I start a new store.

One thing I plan to try though is seeing if I can go purchase a crap ton of materials from the appliance store and load it into my own warehouse so that when it comes time to open my next store I can just tell my logistic manager to send over all the stuff. Seems to be the most effective method after you get past the initial setup time as at least the equipment will be put in shelves in the store so the only real setup for the store itself will be placing the storage shelves.

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i was thinking about that similar thing … maybe not all citizens in the NYC want to go to a store and buy a clothing , its 2023 , people in NYC have WIFI … right ? so maybe could we make online orders to peoples homes ?? what do you think ? or work with a company to do that for us l?

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