Online Shop

I think creating an online shop is a good thing, so we can sell/buy goods more easily and it will connect with web development employees and expand export/import functions


Cool idea!
I would add that it could work as following:
There are new warehouses in the city where you can deliver your goods to. Each warehouse is owned by a cooperation that is in competition to each other. So one might have lower fees (for example one has a fee of 10% of the sell price but only 100,000 users and the other has 30% but 1,000,000 users). You can use your truck to deliver those goods to each warehouse and then use any PC owned by you to sell at that website/online shop. Goods are sold 24/7 but also depend on supply and demand. You can also pay for advertising to get more visitors to your online shop. Each of your companies/stores has its own online shop and separate per competitor online shop. When you arrive with your truck at the warehouse, you use your handtruck, unluck your truck by putting the goods on the handtruck and bring the handtruck to a delivery pallet. You then place the goods on it. At the end there’s an option “Store goods” and then you select for which shop you want to store the goods. Once stored, you can manage your inventory on your computer. You can at the pallet also select “Remove products”, then select from which of your online shops/companies and select which product to remove. It then is put on the pallet and you can take it to your truck. Online shops also have competition between each other so you might sell your products to expensive etc. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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I like the idea of the online shop, but i think it would have to be kept simple.
Maybe along the lines of the Wearhouse building, with an office link.

  • Office is required with programmes, this sets the total number of customers available to the website.
  • Linked to a Wearhouse (or multiple) with delivery vans/lorry’s and the right stock.
  • This is then shipped (by NPC, and doesn’t have to be viewable).
    -marketing could then be used to boost sales.
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