Buying / Selling Shares of a Company

There could be a game-wide financial system where you can buy/sell stock from different companies.

If you start your company you could (like in startup company) find an angel investor that would provide you with some starting capital and guidance in exchange for equity. You would be able to get a variety of offers like: More equity for a higher initial investment or more equity for access to better resources like discounts at wholesale markets or a cheap lease on a car. (Maybe people can put better suggestions to these perks in the comments)
When you get big you can buy off your investors and be full-owner or start new businesses with your existing wealth.

You can also start focusing on investing in the late-game so you can increase/maintain your characters wealth. Maybe this could be helped/managed by a financial advisor to maintain your portfolio.

The stock market could be viewed on your phone and on the daily/weekly newspaper that someone suggested in another thread.


Hmm this sounds awesome another thing I think would be great is if there was let’s say 50-100 set investors in the game and you can build relations with those investors so let’s say “max” invest 50k into my first business and I make him a 200% return them my relation with him would be really good and he would be willing to invest more in my business next time but to prevent constant repetition let there still be a chance of “random” investors to give good sums of money in the future too hope this makes sense just rush typed this on my phone lol l


I agree it looks like they have plans for something like this in Beta 3. I would like to see some of the following if possible:

  • An Investment Market simulation that is realistic and based on underlying fundamentals of the business’s earnings. Not stock prices that go up and down for unknown reasons.

  • Investors should be provided with all the relevant details they need to make informed investment decisions. Full or condensed financial statements and important ratios.

Two Potential Investment Markets:

  • Large Cap Global/National Public Investment Market (Entirely or mostly simulated outside game world) that can absorb substantial amounts of capital (See Capitalism lab and related Finance DLC as example):

    • Ability to invest in government debt (“risk free” US Treasury Bills & Bonds) & the debt and equity securities of ~20-100 Large Global or National Companies

    • Market Size: Billions or Trillions of Dollars in outstanding government debt. Multibillion dollar company market caps.

    • Types of Investments:

      • Governments Bonds/Bills: 10 Year Bond Yield ~4%-5%+/year, Short Term Bills ~2%-4%/year (~6-12 Months)

      • “Safe” Mature Companies: ~2%-3%/year growth, ~3%-5%/year dividend yield, ~5%-7%/year Bond yield.

      • Medium Size Moderate Growth Companies: ~5%-7%/year growth, ~2%-3%/year dividend yield, ~7%-9%/year Bond yield.

      • Smaller Fast-Growing Companies: ~10%-20%/year growth, ~0%-1%/year dividend yield, ~9%-12%/year Bond yield.

  • Local Investment Market: Includes Public and Privately Traded Local Companies


I was about to suggest a stockmarket something similar to Startup company when I read this post.

In beta 2 (614) I make a profit of around 140K a day, you get tired of buying a new Porsche every day (not in real life I guess).

Very nice addition to the game if money earned could be used to invest in other companies (stock market)

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I have been enjoying the game. It is the type of the game that I have been wishing for! thank you!

I have noticed that in the next beta release, there will be features about financial market and real estate.
I was wondering if we could add some more features like we see in the “startup company”?

  1. IPO your company and buyback shares. this include functions as P/E ratio, dividend payment (this will introduce personal wealth system).
  2. buy other company shares to earn dividend and potentially merge them in the future.
  3. corporate bond, a cheaper way to borrow money than bank loans.
    4 employee stock options - to increase their happiness

I wish this game would be a big success. well done to the team


Features that I’m describing here could be entirely optional to the player, if they decide to spend time utilizing these gameplay mechanics it could potentially benefit them greatly, but if they decide to never interact with them it would not negatively effect their progress or speed of it.

IRL there are a lot of interesting mechanics involved with trading shares of publicly traded companies on the open market.

Hostile takeovers, buybacks, market crashes/bubbles, penalties and fees, dividends, penny stocks, blue chips, day traders, long term investors, different types of accounts and their beneficiaries (your character dies eventually but you could pass on the empire you created to a family member that the player then “starts over” with with their new inheritance) Inheritance could be a smooth way to transition the player from the end game of story mode into a “second playthrough” as a family member of the original character, but this time in sandbox with all the extra goodies.

If I’m done with a business I currently own I could sell the majority share of the company to potential buyers on the open market or maybe even private buyers, assuming the player has the prerequisites to do so, this could transfer ownership to the AI (or maybe even other online players that are bidding!) and make the hassle of transferring items/resources from old business ventures you currently have no interest in pursing into the new venture(s).

A lot of these mechanics could potentially pair well with online multiplayer which is on the roadmap as a potential feature in the future. Possibilities are quite endless and could add a significant amount of replayability to the end game.

Apologies if any of this has been suggested already.


make your company ipo


I agree you should be able to take a company public and perform additional secondary offerings.

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Some would probably see it as a new type of business.
I would like to think that just like I can hire purchasing assistants and HR, I could hire stockbrokers to keep track of my investments.

I am aware that the investments are not as “alive” as in reality, which is perfectly fine - but if you could employ a stockbroker, then that person(s) could help reduce losses and increase profits.

That’s why I thought it would make good sense that such people could be employed, in terms of the fact that more money could be made there.

There is another user who describes something about investment, but I think that by giving the opportunity to hire a stockbroker, you could also incorporate what the other user describes in this topic:

This idea would also make sense to manage with my idea:

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I think many Players would like a Stock Market Update.
Some ideas:

-Stock Market with possibilitys of real returns and Losses. Be able to diversify your Money in 50+ Stocks, which could also be based partly on delivery Shortages (Could Include Crypto, High Risk Stocks, Bonds, Small Stock etc)
-Make Investments worthy in General (Having a Return of 0.029% on 6 Million Dollars doesn´t really make sense)
-Real Estate Investments with real return
-Having an Accountant to reduce Tax-Cost

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Why not establish an investment company? It would be much more interesting than simply buying and selling funds. We could invest in any business on the map and receive different shares based on the amount invested. Managing numerous companies becomes a nightmare when the number reaches 80.

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I’ll throw my two-cents in the ring on the topic of investing:

I like a bunch of the ideas above but I’m most concerned about game progression. So I’m wondering if it might make sense to structure several different investment schemes as “unlockables” through out the game.

Did you ever see the movie The Big Short? Part of the plot in the movie is that the main characters don’t have enough money to “buy-in” to the kind of investment they want to make and so they have to…beg Brad Pitt for money (if I remember right). Anyways, that could be the rationale for one kind of gameplay flow where you would be able to buy into riskier and riskier kinds of trading.

Right now the initial 6 investments work kind of like mutual funds or ETFs or something and that’s cool because the average person doesn’t need a large amount of capital to invest in those in real life. But maybe at $500,000 you could start investing in hedge funds or individual stocks through an independent broker, or whatever makes sense with gameplay flow. Eventually maybe you need a $100 million dollar buy-in to start trading with the “Big Boys” and actually risk losing tens of millions a day.

Hmm. Just some thoughts for now.

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a simple financial market with fictitious companies present in the game as well as the different currencies. Possibility of investing in the stock market and buying share prices

I also took this from the game ‘Software Inc.’ It has many features I wish were also in ‘Big Ambitions’

You could buy out other companies, and any money they make, you get a share. That way you don’t have to micro manage, they do their thing and you collect the money.

Have the opportunity to invest in company shares (if possible existing in town) and in the nasdac/sp500 and even in crypto btc, eth ect.

I will find it much more interesting than just giving our money to the bank like now

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Being able to buy competitors through a stock market.
Trying to reach the top of the list, maybe speculation on competitors to make some money…
Getting some money through selling your own stock, instead of a loan?
Stakeholders demanding things from you with deadlines?

Currently Investments are narrowed down to 3 standard “mutual funds” I think it would be cool to expand the “Stock market” and allow for much more options with different risks/rewards, really expand on the idea of big capitalism for late game content.

-late game content: add a full stock market, including many different mutual funds/EFTs outside of the current 3.

-Individual Stocks allow for investments into individual companies or even allow you to take your own companies public, to gather funds

With the addition of Rivals in the game, I believe that it will be a cool dynamic down the line for players to really consider how they invest their money. At the moment players can have the option of investing through banks, acquiring real estate/ personal assets and building more businesses. I think if players get the option to acquire fractional shares in competing businesses (something along the lines of what Anno 1800/ Anno games do with other players). With other players already having a presence and with full buyouts being hefty tags early on in the game, I think having a fractional buy out as a option can allow you to incrementally take over a business. It allows you to dent competitors presence and set them back as their business will come under your control. The overall price for a full takeover will also drop the more shares that you have. In addition, businesses that close shop that you have fractional shares in will give you first option to buy the business at a discounted price. Likewise competitors can take shares in your business that you can buy back or ignore, but likewise they can perform a hostile takeover of your business, loosing your business. In addition it can allow players another path to scale one that is more aggressive and active compared to the more passive route atm of just growing regardless of what the comp is up to and just being annoyed by the inconveniences they enact on you.