Stock Market/ Angel Investing

There could be a game-wide financial system where you can buy/sell stock from different companies.

If you start your company you could (like in startup company) find an angel investor that would provide you with some starting capital and guidance in exchange for equity. You would be able to get a variety of offers like: More equity for a higher initial investment or more equity for access to better resources like discounts at wholesale markets or a cheap lease on a car. (Maybe people can put better suggestions to these perks in the comments)
When you get big you can buy off your investors and be full-owner or start new businesses with your existing wealth.

You can also start focusing on investing in the late-game so you can increase/maintain your characters wealth. Maybe this could be helped/managed by a financial advisor to maintain your portfolio.

The stock market could be viewed on your phone and on the daily/weekly newspaper that someone suggested in another thread.


Hmm this sounds awesome another thing I think would be great is if there was let’s say 50-100 set investors in the game and you can build relations with those investors so let’s say “max” invest 50k into my first business and I make him a 200% return them my relation with him would be really good and he would be willing to invest more in my business next time but to prevent constant repetition let there still be a chance of “random” investors to give good sums of money in the future too hope this makes sense just rush typed this on my phone lol l


I agree it looks like they have plans for something like this in Beta 3. I would like to see some of the following if possible:

  • An Investment Market simulation that is realistic and based on underlying fundamentals of the business’s earnings. Not stock prices that go up and down for unknown reasons.

  • Investors should be provided with all the relevant details they need to make informed investment decisions. Full or condensed financial statements and important ratios.

Two Potential Investment Markets:

  • Large Cap Global/National Public Investment Market (Entirely or mostly simulated outside game world) that can absorb substantial amounts of capital (See Capitalism lab and related Finance DLC as example):

    • Ability to invest in government debt (“risk free” US Treasury Bills & Bonds) & the debt and equity securities of ~20-100 Large Global or National Companies

    • Market Size: Billions or Trillions of Dollars in outstanding government debt. Multibillion dollar company market caps.

    • Types of Investments:

      • Governments Bonds/Bills: 10 Year Bond Yield ~4%-5%+/year, Short Term Bills ~2%-4%/year (~6-12 Months)

      • “Safe” Mature Companies: ~2%-3%/year growth, ~3%-5%/year dividend yield, ~5%-7%/year Bond yield.

      • Medium Size Moderate Growth Companies: ~5%-7%/year growth, ~2%-3%/year dividend yield, ~7%-9%/year Bond yield.

      • Smaller Fast-Growing Companies: ~10%-20%/year growth, ~0%-1%/year dividend yield, ~9%-12%/year Bond yield.

  • Local Investment Market: Includes Public and Privately Traded Local Companies

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I was about to suggest a stockmarket something similar to Startup company when I read this post.

In beta 2 (614) I make a profit of around 140K a day, you get tired of buying a new Porsche every day (not in real life I guess).

Very nice addition to the game if money earned could be used to invest in other companies (stock market)

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