Big ideas

Hello, i have some ideas i want to share with you and tell me if it possible or not,

First , what about adding supermarket that can deliver the food for you …

Also, we need something bigger than a small company that’s only own a stores…
we need to go deep like create factories and make products , and go bigger like own a Oil Company we need to talk about billions Oil company can provide Gas stations also factories that make what we can make from oil .

Also i have some notes about estate , why i pay 600M dollars for 700$ per day ! the game only takes the rent from the rented store and not the rest of the building , just add it like this if the building have 25 apartments for ex. and one store take the rent from the hole building like { 25 x 100 } + the store 1000 or maybe 700 whatever so it will be 3200 per day not enough but its better.

thats all sorry about english iam not good.

Hello and welcome!

Production factories / Manufacturing - Feature Suggestions - Big Ambitions Community (

Oil, Gas and Natural Resources - New Business Ideas - Big Ambitions Community (

And the rent is low, that is true! You do receive rent from other tenants in the building, but it’s very low and will be addressed in the future for sure!

Also - I switched this to “general” too since these suggestions already exist!