Production factories / Manufacturing

I don’t really know about your plans for future. :slight_smile:
But I want to suggest :

  • Adding an ability to produce goods for wholesale stores. For example u can add FACTORIES (I mean new spaces like “offices, retails, residentials, warhouses”, etc.)
  • To add a resource extraction system and special areas with resourses for production in the factories.

I think this system could be really interesting :slight_smile:


This is a really interesting idea. I think this will be realized when the city is made bigger. In general, I see multiplayer in this game with an RP component. Very similar to SAMP. GTA 2 RP but more interesting

Great idea. Thus, add a zone with fuctories where you can buy a factory (or room), order the resources for production, buy conveys, workbenches, presses, etc. Produce this product yourself or hire workers. And then, to deliver these goods to competitors stores or to your own (which should be cheaper than buying from wholesalers).

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Potential for limited types of Manufacturing Businesses or a Manufacturing DLC later on.

Potentially Add Factory Buildings or allow warehouses to become “Industrial Properties” that can be used for multiple purposes as Warehouses, Factories, Data Centers, etc.

Potential Manufacturing Businesses:

  • Food, Beverage & Personal/Household Products (Potential Furniture: Food Prep/Manufacturing Stations, Bottling Machines (Beverages, Personal & Household Products), Plastic Molding Station)

  • General Merchandise: Gifts, etc. (Potential Furniture: General Merchandise Assembly Station, Plastic Molding Station)

  • Furniture/Appliance (Potential Furniture: Furniture/Appliance Manufacturing Stations)

  • Clothing (Potential Furniture: Cutting & Sewing Machine Station)

  • Electronics (Potential Furniture: Electronics Assembly Station)

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Buy raw resources and produce products which you can send directly to your shops or sell to a wholesaler.

We can manufacture our own goods to be sell at retail or export etc

Take my last available vote for this suggestion that could broaden the scope and quality of the game.

I would love to be able to manufacture our own goods, but I feel like the startup costs should be purposely high so you’re not just winning the game quickly by circumventing the costs of importing.

If at all possible I’d love for it to be something where you’re making a SINGLE item to begin with and you have to upgrade your facilities in order to accomodate an additional item, whether that means finding a larger factory to have a second production line or just some other mechanic, I don’t know, but it would be cool.

The other part that would make this interesting is this could potentially open up another import company type, where instead of importing food/products, you’re importing the base items. So let’s say you’re producing Standard Refrigerators, you need the following parts imported: Steel, Electric Components, Compressors, Refrigerant. When all those are flowing into your production line you produce a set amount of Standard Refrigerators per day that can be sold to the Appliance Companies for instance.

I think this would also be a cool way to open up the possibility of having an Appliance Store business type.

A new level to logistics & businesses could be to let you setup factory business which take one (or more) products & convert them to another. That way, say, instead of importing Pizza, you could import Fresh Food, and convert it.
You could then either deliver it to your businesses which sell Pizza, sell it to the wholesaler (probably not really worth it), or negotiate supply deals with AI-run businesses.
Ideally, there’d be supply chains which go a couple of levels deep.


I had the same idea at first, then i realized it would become a total different game. But the main idea is : give us some tools to increase the management in your game. And I agree with that.

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Hi guys, thank you to the developers for the wonderful game. I suggest adding a system for buying factories or creating factories to the game. It would be possible to place the existing factories in the world in a special “working” area. As I have already said, the factory can be bought or opened independently. Buying or opening a factory costs requires large financial investments, thus this game mechanics becomes available closer to the middle - late stage of the game.
By opening a factory, you can make the production of different goods:

Types of factory specializations

■ Food products

  • fresh products
  • frozen food
  • ice cream
  • soda cans and lemonades

■ alcohol and cigars

  • wine
  • cigars
  • Whiskey

■ Jewelry Factory

  • Cheap jewelry
  • Expensive jewelry

■ Sewing Factory

  • Expensive classic men’s clothing
  • Expensive classic women’s clothing
  • Expensive modern men’s clothing
  • Expensive women’s modern clothing
  • Cheap men’s classic clothes
  • Cheap women’s classic clothing
  • Cheap men’s modern clothing
  • Cheap women’s modern clothing

in one group (specialization), different types of goods can be manufactured at the factory, for example, a clothing factory, having invested in the enterprise at the final stage, I could manufacture all types of clothing at one enterprise.
Raw materials for the production of goods could be bought from wholesale companies, you can set your own shipping price for the manufactured product, while calculating the costs :slight_smile: and conclude contracts for the delivery of products with existing enterprises in the game.

Types of product sales:

  1. Delivery to own enterprises and warehouses
  2. Wholesale by contract

Delivery to own enterprises and warehouses
By supplying goods to their own enterprises, the player could significantly save on the purchase of goods by producing it themselves and selling it in their stores.

Wholesale by contract
By selling goods in bulk, the player could earn money. If a player has signed a contract with an enterprise for the supply of goods, but for some reason did not have time to produce a certain batch and deliver it to the enterprise, the player is fined. A condition of the contract.

I think that this system would fit perfectly into the gameplay of the game. It would also be possible to add several achievements related to this system:

for example:

The Little Millionaire - Have one successful factory
The businessman - Have five successful factories
Monopolist - To deliver goods to all enterprises in the city.

Once again I want to say thank you to everyone. I will be glad to support you.


I’d like to see a more complex production-chain.
Buying raw materials/resources, take it to a factory (build? Bought?) transport it to another more complex factory/workshop or to one of the stores to sell.
Tweeking and perfecting that extra complexity might make the game more fun for longer playtrough.

Also: I’d like to see a ‘back’ button in the menu’s. To simply go back to the previous screen…

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