Automatic Investment, Contacts, Build Mode, Skip Multiple Days, Uniforms etc

Hi, I played till I reached a net worth of 100,000,000. Here are my quality of life suggestions:

  • All contacts should be categorized & visible without the need to scroll (bank, import, furniture etc.). Messages from employees should not clutter the contact list.
  • Make it possible to automatically invest a percentage of your income.
  • Make it possible to walk with WASD keys (was counterintuitive to use my keyboard for driving & mouse for walking)
  • Furniture should be delivered into the building so it’s less tedious & players can immediately start placing objects (maybe solved with a designated delivery area inside bigger buildings like in real life)
  • There should be a ‘build mode’ players can switch to inside buildings so they don’t need to walk around when rearranging objects that are outside of their characters view.
  • When coloring furniture it should highlight which part the player is coloring & there should be more pre-prepared color options to choose from.
  • Players should get a warning if there are not enough shelves inside a store to handle the whole delivery from the warehouse.
  • Indicate in the description of items how much costumers they can handle.
  • Make it possible to set up uniforms for a business instead doing it individually for each employee.
  • Make it possible to skip more than one day or skip days faster, with the possibility to ignore warnings or to stop time-travel if a warning pops up.
  • Make it possible to order more 10 potential employees from recruitment. HR should have an automatic hire option.
  • Make it possible to order more than 18 items. Some offices with 50 employees need at least 150 items delivered minimum!
  • Bigger carpets : D

Great game btw <3
PS: Don’t forget to vote if you agree with my suggestions so it gets the attention of the devs : )


I like all of your suggestions, but I actually came here just now to make a topic for this one.


Awesome : ) Don’t forget to upvote posts you agree with so it gets the attention of the devs : )

This would be such a quality of life improvement! Walking in and out with 4 items each time, is so tedius :weary:

On the roadmap though, it says something about blueprints, so I’m wondering if this won’t be changed, just because in a few months, there will be a better way?

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There are some good ideas in here overall.

By the way, being able to walk with WASD is already in the game

And some things like expanding recruitment options have been suggested elsewhere.
Improved Hiring Options - Feature Suggestions / On the Roadmap - Big Ambitions Community (

Or store shelf warnings:
No warning if store shelves are full - Bugs - Big Ambitions Community (

The problem with using upvotes on a suggestion with a bunch of ideas is that there is no way to know which idea is being upvoted, so the devs don’t know which idea is being requested! For the big lists, I’m switching those to general discussions. For feature requests, keeping the post to one general topic helps the devs know what ideas people are voting for!

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I love all of the ideas. Especially the contacts one. When I take over a business, I let all the employee complain until they quit and just replace them with employee who have no requirements and then my phone is cluttered so just ordering more stuff is a headache.

Love the furniture in building, build mode, the uniforms, the more than 10 employee recruitment, and higher order limit. The automatically invest part would be nice. Skipping more than one day would be nice but I think it should have some limitations. Right now I’m in a state where everything is flowing perfectly so being able to just skip 100 days would kill the game for me IMO.