Improved Hiring Options

It’s frustrating to be looking for only part-time or full time and have the entire slate of candidates only want the other. Also, it would be nice to be able to only get candidates of a particular skill level. In fact, I’d say both of these are more important than the “how many days”. Like IRL, a recruiter can’t control how long it takes them to find the right person, but they will find someone eventually.

So instead of “I want 10 people tomorrow” (8 of whom are unacceptable because they want to only work part time in a law office and make my schedule hard… who ever heard of a part time lawyer? :smile: ) I would say, “I want a lawyer, Full time, at least 40% skill, ASAP” I’d pay a little more for each requirement there (and more for ASAP). Or I could say, “Just send me any lawyers you find, whenever you find them.”


The Part-time/full-time filter would be awesome. Also, there should be an option for same-day hiring by paying extra.

I love this idea. Lately, I’ve just been calling the hiring agencies and doing multiple 10 person campaigns so I’m just flooded with options and that has been helpful but if I could specify my specific needs and pay extra, I’d love that more. Paying an extra bit of money to get exactly what you need for your next store wouldn’t bother many I’d assume when the alternative is to sift through all the “No weekends” and “4 day work week” people.

EA 0.3 “Employees: Revised recruitment/hiring system” should hopefully add a lot of this type of thing!


i want to develop a chain of restaurant with some extra employees i have, but it kinda came into a bottle neck for employees as i dont know which one is full time and part time from 400~500 employee, would it be useful to have a function to sort those employees out ?

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When hiring we should be given more hiring options outside of a staffing agency like hiring through the HR manager or automate the process entirely through the HR manager. Early game the player should also be able to create their own job listings (help wanted poster, internet, newspapers, etc) and applications should be given a time limit.

Staffing campaigns should also have more options for criteria like experience level and availability.


I’ve been spamming recruitments to find lower wage employees so i can train them up to max whilst avoiding high wages. I would like an option to focus the recruits based on their desired wage. It’s pretty standard IRL to post salary/wages or at least a general salary for that role.

This feature can just be a slider underneath the desired age of employees.


Adding to this, it would be nice to also be able to be able to set a minimum skill threshold, in case you want to go the other way (hiring the best skill level, even if you have to pay more). Each requirement you add should also have an additional cost to the search. These extra features could also require having HR.

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