Work in your own offices

Hey everyone.

I could be happy with the fact that I’m a good manager and employer, but sometimes you want to go back to basics and do the jobs that the workers do. And so I wonder if I’m only good enough to work at a cash register and clean the store? Why can’t I also do what e.g. my lawyers do? I have a nice, big office there with enough space and all the amenities that my lawyers could possibly have, and I also have a place for myself in an adjoining room. I just can’t work there. It would be nice if you could do what the workers do, not only at a free cash register, but also at a free computer workstation.


The short answer would be, because you are not qualified for the job. Practicing law, programming and designing things takes a lot of learning and/or practicing before it becomes a marketable skill.

However, I see this idea as an opportunity for a few things:

  1. The business school could be expanded upon, allowing you to take classes to do more qualified jobs. This could also be used in combination with employee ratings (like in Startup Company, where employees would be “Beginner”, “Advanced” or “Expert” skill levels, allowing them to do different things), where you get complicated requests in your office based businesses every so ofter that require someone of higher qualification,
  2. which can then be solved by either acquiring the high level skill yourself (you use your own time in the beginning) or by getting a highly qualified employee (this employee would be considerably more expensive, so in the beginning not worth it, but later on a time saver, similarly to the HR Manager and sick employees).
  3. New use for your computer in your apartment, where you could then either write small programs or draw something (desktop + graphics tablet or paper, canvas etc.), which would then be a possible new source of happiness for the player.

Business school already has some big ideas for expanding in the future :slight_smile:

But what loadingNinja said is true. The player currently does not have that skill!


ok, I see the point about qualifications and that the business school could help out there. That would be an idea. On the other hand, you would currently be a CEO who has no idea what his specialists are doing at all because you have no idea what exactly this business is about. This has often proven to be a bad thing in the business world. ^^

Edit: to be clear, this means you should be qualified for the work BEFORE you open such offices as a CEO. So when you open an office for lawyers, you should already be qualified to work as a lawyer.


Maybe you could get a boost or something for that business if you’re qualified, but many, many businesses have CEOs that focus on the business side of things and they leave the technical aspects to the people they hire (because they know nothing about that side)!

Yes, but then there is the problem that the workers are employed and not self-employed and a CEO then has (ideally) something like a division manager who has specialist knowledge, looks after the workers, is available to give advice and so on. And to make that easier, it would be better if you had the qualifications beforehand.

You should know what you do and you should know what your workers do. ^^

In a perfect world, that would make sense. But unfortunately, isn’t reality a lot of the time!

So let’s make it a better world. ^^ I know, this is a simulation (a very good one) but it is also a game, where you (and we) can make it a better “reality”. :slight_smile:

(I only want to work in my offices :laughing:)

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Haha, totally understandable :smiley: I would like that too - time to start building the school!!

It is ideas like this that show this game could be HUGE in scope. It’s like the SIMS if the running a business part was the focus versus building the house. It would also expand replayability. Your first game you follow the tutorial, start small, and expand into new businesses as intended. But let’s say your second playthrough you wanted to be a lawyer? You start the game by working at the supermarket or burger joint to pay your way through college. You get better jobs as you unlock more skills/earn degrees. I love the idea of getting to do more non-business related stuff with my character. More clothes, houses, cars, etc. This game is awesome.