Wider product range/making own product/consolidating business/Brandawerness and marketing/ Buying other companies etc

Currently in the game we have like 2 options, either the expensive or cheap version, but how about we add a moderate one so we have more products and that the store doesn’t look so empty. Making products and publishing them under your own wing would be cool as well. I would also like that we can consolidate all the business in one major one, while in econoview you still have a can distinct the various business when you click on the business to get a more detailed view. Establishing a brand that can influence the influx of costumers as well as the loyality to your company. Buying companies out which are either private or on the stockmarket, and what would be a cool addition is that you add more competition and like a leaderboard for which company makes the most money etc, this would make the game much more interesting since now its like you only play for yourself and therefore the incentive to play the game longterm is not really there. Just to get some inspiration on how certain mechanics work and what can be added into the game, capitalism labs provides a good inspiration on how complexity can be added etc. This game needs more depth, there are so many options to enhance the expirience.

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