Whats the point of voting

wats the point of voting wen u only get one vote allowed

I don’t think there is one. It’s a feature of the software but the dev team (from what I can see) just reads everything and if they like a suggestion, it doesn’t really matter how many votes it got.

I believe you start with 2 votes, and that number increases a bit after you spend more time on the forum. The reason for the fewer votes is that way people vote for the topics that are most important to them so we can see which ideas get the most traction.

The votes do matter when determining which features are focused on first! So far, since the game just came out, the focus has been on bug fixes and issues that impact playability, but as we move forward, we’ll be getting more into the features and other fun things players are requesting!

But you are right - I read everything, regardless of number of votes! :smiley: