What should be on the main menu?

Hi everyone,

I’m soon going to ask Robin to design the main menu of the game.

Currently I’m planning on including the following functionality:

  • Continue Last Savegame
  • Start New Game
  • Load Game
  • Options
  • Exit
  • News feed/changelog of updates
  • Social media links

Is there anything else you would like to see included?

Thank you for your feedback!



Looks good to me :slight_smile:

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Looking good but instead os saying"continue last save game" just have the button as “Continue”


Maybe if you support mods, have a button ‘Mods’ or ‘Workshop’.
And when you click on it, you get a list of the installed mods and a button for each mod to alter their settings.
And on the top a button that opens the workshop through steam overlay.

A “feedback” or “Report a bug” functionnality could be useful I think?

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

I’m afraid that I’m actually ditching mods in BA. Unfortunately it caused so much trouble for users in Startup Company :frowning:

Should it be in the main menu? I was imaging it to be directly in the game HUD.

I think both could be good. In the game is the most important. However if there’s a problem with even loading savegames or just in the options, it would be helpful for players to report it from the menu.

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