What are we calling our IKEA store?

Yes, it’s no secret our furniture store will be inspired by the real-world IKEA stores.

Obviously, we need a name, as IKEA is trademarked.

As the title says, what is your suggestion for the name of our furniture chain-store?

Here’s a screenshot of the layout of the building. Obviously, we have adopted the labyrinth layout :sunglasses:


My preferences:

  1. JÖNÅS
  2. KNUT

It needs to be something short and catchy.

My first thought is


If you want to get cute, you could offer a free fern (decorative plant) with each purchase and call it


I know it is silly, but maybe some others will have better ideas :wink:


I agree, it should be short and KNUT is a great idea.
Maybe also MALM or AEKI would be a good name.

Will it also have a Hot Dog sales station at the exit? :smile:


In Euro Truck Simulator 2 they’ve used IDEA.
Otherwise I like AEKI from @Kaboozt , or maybe KNUT from @Gerwanese

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Another silly one:

EZAM (maze backward).

I think the big question is: do you want the name to be an obvious IKEA reference, or will the store layout do that sufficiently and the name can be more clever and less restricted to a spoof?

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This is interesting. There might be something clever in using the same name.

We are already using some blue and yellow colors, so I think we can go pretty broad.

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If you go that route, the store’s delivery service should be “Furnishing Movers!”

I’m also now having a horrible image of assembling a dresser in-game with 50 random parts.

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‘Big Spots’
‘Sleep City’
‘Just your ordinary furniture store’
‘We got it. you want it. you buy it.’
‘useful junk’
‘Enter own name here.’

Allen Key Paradise

OPM (One Piece Missing)


Be interesting to add a name generator with option for player enter name for stores.

Is this the idea for the wholesale furniture store?

for a few thoughts…

Just continue the way you did with the brands in SC recognisable parody’s.


I think something like “Furni & Co” or “Wayside Furniture” would be pretty cool. I admit having a parody of IKEA would be pretty funny, but this game is so immersive (right up to a point where you need to queue in a cash register) that a parody name might not be the most appropriate fit for immersion purposes.