Web Dev suggestions

Do you want to have a bit of the Startup Company feeling now in Big Abitions? Then I introduce you to websites. There are two new buildings:

  • Hosting building
  • ComputerBuy

You can now make a business type called “Programmer Longe” in places where until now only lawyers work. There you can put servers and programmers’ desks that you can buy from shops called “ComputerBuy”. You can buy server racks and put them in the building. The servers store all the data from the PCs. There are 5 different types to consider:

  • CPU (cores, GHz)
  • Memory (RAM, for example 1 TB or 250 GB)
  • Memory (500 GB or 50 TB)
  • Graphics (performance index, memory capacity)
  • Network (speed)

These can be easily expanded with a click. Each of these components consumes power. There are statistics from the server racks on how much electricity they consume. You can now go to the programmer’s table yourself and set the programmers. There are different types of programmers:

  • Java Developer
  • HTML Developer
  • CSS Developer
  • JS Developer
  • Batch Developer
  • C# Developer

can be found. As soon as you set them up, you can see all the skills (Java, HTML, CSS, JS, Batch and C#) in the HandyTab for employees and train them. You can then put them in their place like all other employees. In addition, depending on the task area and the component they are to programme, sometimes less and sometimes more of the 5 types are consumed in the servers. In order to now give the programmers commands about what to do, you have to set a manager, which you can set in the manager tab on the programmer’s table. A maximum of 10 managers can be connected so that they all have the same goal and each manager can manage a maximum of 10 programmers. You can now go to a manager and for example:
2x 3D component
11x website component
1x email component

So that all the work makes sense, there is now a new app to go online with. There you can go to different pages and create your own website. There are several tabs for this:

  • Search
  • Websites
  • Create website

In the search you can search for websites of other companies, marinas, shops and so on. In the websites you can see your websites with the name and domain. And at “Create website” you can create your website. To do this, you have to enter your hosting building or one of the competitors (costs more). If you host your website with a partner, it costs much more than hosting it yourself. But the products to host yourself are very expensive. For the website you can also enter your shop and your domain. The domain is divided into main domain (for example google) and secondary domain (.com). The secondary domain is quite expensive and is very different from the other secondary domains (.net .de. .ru .us .uk). Then you can see the hosting costs below (if you host with a competitor). You can now click on order and the domain/website will be activated within the next 3 days. You can also go to the “Websites” tab during this time and view them now, as well as click on them. If you press on it during this time, a new window will open and it will say: This website is still being registered. However, if you go to it afterwards, you will see several different tabs at the top:

  • Statistics
  • pages
  • features
  • hosting
  • marketing
  • Comrades-in-arms

In the statistics you can see your registered users, average users per day, current users on the site, etc.
In pages you can create your own layout (where the advertising is, where which feature is, which user homepages are, etc.). In Features you can add your features, there you can also see how much CPU, RAM, storage, etc. they take up. In Hosting you can select your hosting buildings, as well as rent hosting buildings from your fellow members, if they have enabled this. In Marketing, you can select marketing campaigns, say how much you pay for them per day and see directly how many users these will generate per day.
In the competitors, you can look at all your competitors and buy shares and you have to allocate them to hosting buildings, so that you have a part of the website, but you also have to pay as many percentages as you give away, but you also get as many percentages of income. If you own 50% of a website, you can change it to your own, but 70% of all the features of that website have to apply to yours.

I know that was a lot of idea and stuff to add. But it would really make the game more realistic, as well as “embody” Startup Company a bit. Let me know if you have any other ideas.

Yeah, I think this is a great idea. But, I really don’t think the component idea should be a thing in big ambitions. Components would take to much time for people to focus on than the regular game, and I really hate the component system ngl. Maybe you just tell a manager for part of a feature, and they task the devs to do that

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