Warehouse labeling confusing

In the inventory section of the warehouse building, several columns are found: Product, In Stock, Consumption, Deliveries, Balance and Days until empty.

I’ve found the labels Consumption and Deliveries very confusing. After some trial and error I believe to have deduced that Consumption is the amount delivered to stores and Deliveries is the amount delivered from imports.

I would suggest reshuffling into the following order for clarity:
Product | In Stock | Import (previously Deliveries?) | Shipped (previously Consumption?) | Balance | Days until empty.

Maybe it would also be good to allow looking at daily increments as well as weekly, as I imagine there are more people beyond myself who would like to implement a JIT-style warehouse management with daily imports.

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Will be changed in Beta 3!

Tables will be improved later on, adding sorting/filter options and the ability to choose the time period :partying_face: but that requires a heavy rewriting :face_with_monocle: