Warehouse goods lost and new department

       Hello, I used to work for a logistics company. One of the tasks of the job is to take the PDA to inventory and scan the goods one by one every day. There will always be a few items that disappear.

       For example, I used to dispose of sample goods used by a customer for research purposes as garbage.

      (1). Can goods be lost in a warehouse in the game?

      The company I work for has many branches, and one of the hidden rules is to try not to receive cash and avoid corruption. My leader was once forced to resign by his leader, and if he does not leave, he will be audited. Can there be an anti-corruption department of the company in the game to audit the accounts of each store, and the results of this department's audit can also be counted and entered into the general ledger like other stores?
       (1). Can there be any unexpected events that cause players to lose money?

       For example:

       I.  A fire broke out in a certain store, and the entire store burned out.

       II. A store or warehouse is damaged due to rainstorm, resulting in loss.

       III. Local gangs come to collect protection fees.

       IV. A certain street needs to be rebuilt, the road is closed, and the passenger flow is 0

       V. Old employees demand a raise in wages and strike without a raise.
       Currently, the cleanliness and decoration of stores only affect the feelings of customers, but in fact, they can also affect the feelings of employees. Too dirty environments, poor quality of walls and floors, and lack of music can lead to lower customer service levels for employees. In other words, employees are dilapidated(quiet quitting).
       Finally, I need a calculator in the game, and the calculator program can exist on the phone in the game. Otherwise, I can only cut out the screen and open the Windows calculator, or I can only take a piece of paper or pen to calculate income and expenses.

Hello! These are cool ideas - although the formatting of your post makes it difficult to read. But in order to work as a feature suggestion, each item should be its own topic so people can vote for them. Otherwise voting doesn’t help since we’ll have no idea which item people are voting for!

For instance, the “Unexpected Events” could be one post, Calculator another. The cleanliness seems to already be in game in a lot of ways, but that can be discussed it it’s own post as well!