Warehouse for furniture

Hello Guys,

It would be nice to have a special ordering system (like the wholesalers), for stores that sell furniture / cash registers / storage furniture / clothes racks … *

We could do different for this one, when the order is placed, it would have a warehouse behind the store where all our orders would be deposited with a place to park a truck.
We should call the store or go there to order.

It would have a normal delay, available the next day at 00:00 and possibility to buy a quantity of 60 per day ?

The reason for my suggestion is:

When we have stores with a surface of more than 1000 m2, we have a lot of things to buy and we need the truck (60). 
But the truck is difficult to park and there is never enough parking space for it in the road. 

So here it is.

Just so you know, furniture/appliance deliveries are already on the roadmap!

It’s not a warehouse, but it should eliminate the issues you described with all the items you need to buy, and parking a truck, etc.


  • Furniture/appliance delivery service

Roadmap - Big Ambitions (bigambitionsgame.com)

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