Warehouse delivery area

warehouse delivery area where you can take the pallet truck to pick it up to speed up the process of moving it inside when you have a big order delivered such as first setup where you buy a bunch of pallet shelfs


To clarify, are you asking to be able to drive into a warehouse with an extra vehicle (even if the max vehicles are assigned) so you can quickly move a bunch of things inside the warehouse?


No what I was thinking was to be able to access the delivery area with the fork truck so you can pick up a pallet worth of the shelving in at a time instead of just the 4 with the hand truck. So a delivery dock or something of that sort that you can drive the fork truck onto. would be nice to pick up more than 6 as well but that is a discussion for another thread lol

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Oh I see, more like you back up to a spot in the wall (from the outside) and then can access the cargo from inside. The vehicle doesn’t need to be inside, but you can get to it without going back and forth.

That would be smart.

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The possibility to drive an extra car to the warehouse, even if all locations are already assigned, would also be very useful if, for example, I want to move goods from one warehouse to another. Or if I want to stock my newly opened shop myself.

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I agree! If you like that idea, you can upvote/comment:

Let me drive into warehouse even if max vehicles are assigned - Feature Suggestions - Big Ambitions Community (bigambitionsgame.com)

However, I do like this idea of having a docking bay as well! Either one seems like it would do the trick!