Warehouse delivering to shops

Both times that I have reached 12 shops for my delivery drivers, they just don’t deliver to the 12th one. I ended up creating a new game the first time it happened because I couldn’t figure it out. But now I’ve run into it again and I just don’t understand. All of my other shops are being delivered to just fine. I have it set to deliver there with the number at 500 for each type of clothing. I have 4 clothing racks for each type so that’d only require 200 clothes of each type to fill the racks. However, every single day it says they have all ran out, at all hours of the day. They never restock. So my clothing store has just been empty for like 12 game days with me trying to figure this out. My warehouse has PLENTY of clothes. I have the minimum set to 500 as stated before, all of my shelves in the clothing store are empty because nothing is being delivered, but I do know that I have enough storage shelves because I delivered it myself one time. I even went and bought two of the semi trucks thinking that maybe the vehicles were too small. The clothing store is in midtown and my warehouse is in Garment District if that matters, although it hasn’t mattered for my other shops in different towns. The warehouse has two slots with two delivery drivers at 100%, a manager at 100% and two semi trucks. Can anyone help me? I’m losing a lot of money and I don’t know what else to do.

Something to keep in mind - your delivery drivers deliver once per day at midnight. So if you’re only stocking enough to fill up the racks, then there is no spare inventory for when the clothing racks run out. Your storage shelves should be empty since you’re only sending enough to fill the racks. So if you sell through a rack in a day, it will be empty until the next delivery at midnight.

If the clothing racks are filled at midnight, but empty later in the day, you need to ship more to the store each night.

If that’s not the issue, then the best option would be to hit F2 in-game and submit a bug report so I can take a look at it. Just write “Forums - Warehouse Delivering to shops” in the description, so I know it refers to this post!

The racks are empty at midnight as well sorry I thought I included that! I’ll report it as a bug then.