Warehouse/Budget pane

Hi Guys,

I was thinking about multiple things for the warehouse. I apologize if its already been mentioned.

  • Total of what you warehouse can hold based off how many pallet shelfs you have in them.
  • More control over goods in the warehouse, like being able to sell stuff directly from the warehouse
    Instead of having to go to the warehouse manually and do it by hand, don’t mind this as a warehouse
    agent, or a new manager/agent.
    *Send goods back from the stores, to the warehouse, if you send to much, of one good and filled up your shelfs.

Over your budget/Bizman

  • More in-depth data on how many things a business have sold on a day today basis, and not only over the past 7 days
    *Maybe a separate list with a total on how many of one given good you are selling, so you don’t have to look through all your businesses, to see how many cupcakes you are selling in 20 different stores (could be an unlockable, when you have advanced enough, or through training)

Updating this, as I find more suggestions to this.

Kind Regards