Wait Until Time command

I think it would be useful to have a ‘Wait Until’ command. Even a Wait X Hours would be helpful.

Alternatively, add the ability to start the time machine and have it stop at the start of the next hour (or 5 minutes before) with the press of one hotkey.

Admittedly, once the player is past the early game, this might not be necessary. But in the early game, I find myself getting up early and standing around waiting for a business to open or for my shift to start.

sometimes i sleep until that time lol

+1 for oppertunities to pass the time.

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Same - I often find myself sleeping at random times just to jump forward.

Obviously business school was a great option for this, but with only a few classes so far, that ends far too quickly, I’m assuming this will be much more robust in the future. More things like that where I can be actively improving my business while waiting for the hours to pass would be nice.

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I believe the only reason you miss this feature is entirely because you’re waiting for business to open, right?

We’re adding “sleeping benches” in Alpha 6, which are always outside of “special stores”. They work similar to beds, but generate less energy.

Waiting for a business to open is the most likely thing I can think of. Another situation would be waiting for a shift to start.

Two specific examples:

  1. When working at the supermarket in the early game, the store opens at 6:00, you are at the store at 7:00, and your shift starts at 8:00.

  2. When working at your own store before hiring an employee you might be there before the store opens. Tasks like cleaning the floor and stocking the shelves have been completed and there is still an hour or so before the store opens.

In both of these cases, it would be useful to have a ‘time machine’. Your suggestion of ‘sleeping benches’ has inspired me to imagine another possibility. What if you could click on the cash register before your shift starts and have an option that said “Start Working when your shift starts”. This would be the trigger for the time machine to begin. It would end at the start of your shift and you would begin working without further interaction. I don’t think this would be appropriate to ‘generate energy’.

As for the sleeping benches, It had not occurred to me to need to generate energy during this wait period. I have mixed feelings about that as it could (during the early game) encourage players to sleep near the warehouse store (north west corner) or even bypass renting an apartment at the beginning. I don’t know how that will affect gameplay in light of the things you are already planning. Whatever you think is probably best. :slight_smile:

One thing I would add. When I first considered your idea of sleeping benches, my first reaction was ‘OMG, now I will look like a homeless guy’. This reaction was tied to the idea of abusing it to have time to cross the entire map and buy things at the Temporary Warehouse Store. I don’t know if that is how most people will react but I wanted to share it with you.

Have a great day !

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I want to sleep in my van after i stock the giftshop or fastfood restaurant im too tired to drive back home now.

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where you sleep = quality of sleep. van, bench, or bed.

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