Voogle Star / "Yelp" Review

Hello everyone!

I have a few suggestions I have been thinking up that might help up improve the customer feedback that has been implemented in the game thus far. Currently, customers only mention the lack of music and the ugly walls and flooring only. However, I have some ideas that might help add a little variety to the business themselves so there is a little more challenge than buying speakers and a set combined total of flooring and wall.

I propose that customers ask perhaps ask for different types of decor in the business such as more plants, paintings, and books. The way it would work is that certain customers (maybe based on district?) would favor a certain style and maybe set a fixed amount to satisfy that condition. For example, customers in the Garment District could be more practical and they might care less about decor so they might stick with the original flooring and wall combo. However, customers from Midtown might be snobby so they’d prefer paintings. This is where it could be very specific. The game needs a lot more paintings but it’d be fairly easy to get paintings of classical masterpieces as in Animal Crossing. Midtown snobs would prefer these paintings which would be priced higher and classed as high class or whatever nomenclature you’d prefer. Now, let’s say in Hell’s Kitchen, those customers are also like paintings but they are gourmands which means they’d like paintings of food. It’d be easy to use classical paintings again but of food this time. The value might be less than the classical paintings but still a lot more expensive that the Ika ones. It’d lead to a lot more variety in the business, and it’d be a little bit more challenging to fulfill the demands of the clientele in each district so each area feels more distinct as well as scaling up the need for more cash as you progress through the more affluent areas.

This idea could also be implemented with some of the other businesses that don’t sell traditional goods such as the lawyer firms. There is a bookshelf currently that doesn’t have a purpose. It actually doesn’t have books either actually. However, with this system in place, adding a bookshelf with books for decoration could add prestige to these business to add a boost to the business to appeal to customers. I don’t know how many of you have been to law offices, but things like a big meeting table and bookshelves full of law books tend to add a lot of prestige to the big firms. Obviously, they’re not just there for looks since they really are there for good reason beyond the scope of this post, but they could add boosts to your business in the game. A law firm with a certain number of these features could see more customers or have better customer feedback, etc. Same thing with having classical paintings around the place. Clients do need to come in to the law firm to meet with the lawyers to regarding their case, and a good office makes a good impression about the kind of lawyers in the firm.

Lastly, this feature could also be implemented to the employee satisfaction system. As it is, employees really only need very few needs to get 100% satisfaction. I don’t think it needs much changing, but I do think that adding a few things to the mix might a nice little bits of challenge as well. Adding plants to the business might add a nice boost the environment for both customers and employees so they all feel a sense of peace instead of that being tied to the player’s happiness. Personally, I couldn’t care less if my boss if happy so long as I get paid, but it makes more sense that employees are happier in a more relaxing environment. It would be a nice incentive to create a small break room for employees and add a chair or sofa for comfort, a fridge, and a coffee machine or water cooler to contribute to that score. To add a little wrinkle to the equation, plants could wither and detract from the score if they’re not watered. Cleaning staff ONLY would be in charge of the watering and thus there would be a bigger incentive to not use other staff to clean and add more utility to the cleaning staff than there is already.

Anyways, sorry for the length of this post, but it’s a really big idea to layout. I just wanted to put it all out there very specifically and to try to give an idea that wouldn’t hopefully add too much work to implement ie. the paintings. It could all use copyright free work although it naturally needed to be programmed.


In the different districts I can definitely see the appeal of having different tastes for different consumers.

For example cheap TL lighting and sleazy neon signs should be enough for a fast food chain in the cheaper area. But expensive multi-colour Led lighting in high-end burger bars where 30 dollars per burger is the norm :grin:

Edit: It would make for a great Meta ánd give a good depth to the business sim-side.


I never even thought of neon signs or lighting. That would be an excellent idea too! I’d just like to add a bit of spice to an already solid game. I just feel like the customer feedback feels very easy to fulfill for the time being, and the districts too similar other than their descriptions. However, when I went to find the office supply store to the North (?) I did see some people lounging on the sidewalk so I think the intent is to give the different district some flavor eventually. It’s a thought anyway but perhaps not a good one.


Cool idea. I also think you could have much more decor that is unique for certain shop types or your agencies and HQ. Kinda reminds me also of other games like project hospital, where most items does serve a purpose. Like you are saying a break room or just a place where your employees can take a smoke.

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I didn’t go entirely through the post yet but I wanted to touch base on this with the time I have. I completely agree with this idea. I found it kind of odd that the same floor/wall/speaker combination just works perfectly everywhere. I thought I would have to get specific based on the store type, location, size, and products offered, but none of that seems to be the case.

While it has been great to just kind of breeze through the store setup process this way, I feel like it also took away from the length of the start of the game. I would be absolutely fine if it stayed this way, as I imagine I’d probably just be hitting the millions right now if I had to figure all of this out by now, but I would also be pretty happy if there was some change to this section.

I also thought the plants and items would have served more of a functional purpose (Still EA though, so I completely understand why it is not there - I assume it would be a bit of a pain to setup the mechanics for this for what little it offers to the player itself other than extended setup times). I saw a bunch of beautiful offices using all the plants and thought it would be employee requests or even just help with boosting the interior score. I don’t believe it does though.

I really wanted to decorate more of my store to give it a personal touch and start doing more along the lines of making brands for each of my businesses, but I’ve gotten to the point now where I just put the minimum requirements in. Why get plants and fancy computers if I can get away with standard equipment and the same copy/paste paint/floor job as every other office I have?

I will be waiting to see what the updates and the end of EA brings in this department though.

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i know the title may sound bad but i would love to see a feedback from the customers for x product, y product

Like that we will be able to know the specific product that is to expensive for our customers so we don’t have to lower the price for all products
(it could be a smile/angry face right at the middle of product line on the inventory tab of store/business)


It would be nice if the customers’ thoughts could be seen in BizMan, so that you don’t have to be physically present in the business

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Sorry if this was posted as a suggestion earlier but I couldn’t find anything on it. Maybe somehow implement a yelp feature or some sort of customer review on each of your businesses to get a clearer idea of what you could do to improve your business. I like the certain play on words for certain things (ex. Voogle maps). So instead of it calling yelp, maybe call it Zelp? :sweat_smile:

I see in the roadmap for July 2023 * Customer Satisfaction: Expand interior variables. So I hope that adds some good complexity.

I do agree that having different expectations by district is a great idea.

I would suggest perhaps adding a new ‘market research’ or something position to the headquarters. This person could be limited by area/type of business/certain number of businesses so you would have to keep hiring more as you expand your businesses. They could gather data for customer satisfaction, i’m thinking specifically about pricing since that is the hardest to manage once you have like 2 or more businesses since you’re not physically in the building running a register anymore.

A dynamic review system could be used for player owned businesses and NPC owned businesses. Create an app, call it Zoogle Reviews. Reviews can play a big role in future business, good or bad. NPCs who actually visited your store/shop can leave positive or negative reviews. I think it could add some new depth into knowing how your business is doing.

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Customers rating with some insights as what they like and dislike about the business.


Got that already when we’re standing IN our business, but your suggestion sounds way better. :slight_smile:


Yup good idea

like a starr system on google , i like that