Vending Machine Company

Hi Jonas and team!

As you are adding more business, new stores, new offices, gaz station, etc… alot of people are passing by, been employee or customers. This could open an opportunity for a another type of business:

Bussiness type:
Vending machine Empire
(Soda, Chocolates, Peanut / Candy, Crane (toys) machines )

Concept :

  • We could buy said machine(s)
  • We can set the price of each machine (based on location, product type, etc.)
  • Need to get our products from whole sale stores, warehouse, or even supermarket (accessible but more expensive, less profit)
  • We could place theses machine in any store, own or not , so across the whole city, in different disctrict
  • In stores (offices, gas station, etc) we could have an electrical fee and pct of profit sharing as negociable
  • If always out of product, or price to expensive, the store owner could kick us out…
  • Need to run accross the whole city to replenish our machines when near/empty.
  • At one point, we could hire “delivery” persons or “replenish boys” to do it instead of us.

With the upcoming changes to driving, this would be so challenging while travelling in the city because of fuel consumption , repairs and potential tickets ? But at the long run, could also be profitable… ?

Alot of this business concept uses alot of the already existing mechanics, like where to buy machine/product, driving, placing object, individual stores, etc…

This is why I went a bit presumptuous while stating “easy to implement” , I know its never that easy!

Liking this idea or not, continue the great work, having alot of fun with the current bete 3, can’t wait to see more of what is coming !!