Utilities: Oil, Gas and Natural Resources

Having business in oil and gas is good. We can run fuel station and liquefied petroleum gas distribution. After we have enough money, we can run big business in oil and gas, for example having a oil refinery, oil extraction site, and big company in oil and gas from upstream to downstream.

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Natural Resources: Timber, Mining and Oil/Gas if developers create areas outside New York (Possible DLC)

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Can allow us to build platforms to extract petroleum and have our own refineries. Maybe a RND department that can help improve the process

I saw a post in Features for Utility Suggestions and I’ve seen a Post for Oil and natural gas, and I figured you could kinda merge those into owning utilities like Water, Power and Data (Internet and TV). Or even have waste water departments, power plants, wind farms, solar sites, Data Servers, garbage dumps etc…
I’m sure this would be a massive undertaking as these aren’t simple types of buy/sell products but I just wanted to put it out there since it involves several other things I’ve seen.

Sidenote, if any of the developers want any insight on solar sites, I design and program large solar sites and would be happy to share.