User-friendly apps, Lane assistant for all cars (Optional)

Hello Uncle Fred,
first of all a big thank you for helping me to become a millionaire, you gave me really great tips.
Why am I writing to you, well my people in the office can’t help me unfortunately.

1.) User-friendly apps

I’ve already spoken to my IT people, but they can’t help me with my problem because the apps were programmed by a third-party company.

BizMan app

Here I would wish, if you are in the overview of a company, that you have the selection of all companies that you own to choose from on the left.
In other words, without going back to the general overview, you can go straight to the next company on the left.

MyEmployees app

Here I would wish for an extension by 2 riders
1.) Assigned uniform
2.) Skill Level

Lane assistant for all cars (Optional)
Here I wish for all vehicles (cars) a so-called lane assistant, which automatically keeps me in the right lane, even after I have turned or changed lanes and real parking with parking assistant.
Here, too, I received a rather disappointing response from the car dealer with “Currently not available”

So dear uncle, what do you think of these ideas?


Your nephew

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Something like that is already planned! It won’t be in EA 0.2, but it will be coming!

Skill level for employees is also highly requested and likely will be added around the same time!

I honestly doubt this will be added, as part of the game is physically going to places and doing things, however, you can use the taxis or subways, and a personal chauffeur is coming in EA 0.3!

Also, welcome! I realized I jumped right into answering the post, but hello!

Hello, don’t worry I won’t take it personally. :yum::wink: