Uncle Fred tips

I know there are plans to make it clearer to the player that they don’t have to complete the objectives instantly. One suggestion I’ve seen is to leave time before the next set of objectives.

In between the sets, Uncle Fred could call up to offer some tips / advice. No objectives, just a mixture of flavour / helpful text. For example:

  • Use the “Yesterday” insights and experiment with different opening hours. You may find certain times more profitable.
  • You don’t always need multiple employees working. You can expand your opening times and have their shifts overlap at peak times.
  • On days like this, I used to enjoy an hour or two in the park.

This could be a list that is randomly picked from if the player meets a set of criteria. For example, there is no point giving tips about multiple employees if the player only has one.

Experienced players could disable this extra advice in the options.

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I’ve seen that too, but other players have said that would be frustrating because they wouldn’t have a “goal” to work towards.

“Tips” or small goals could be an interesting idea. In the next major update, Uncle Fred is getting an update that adds a few things already to slow down the intro and add some missing details, but based on player feedback from the new pacing, we’ll see what else needs added/adjusted!

Ah, didn’t think about that. Maybe Uncle Fred could text you the tips independently of the story mode, like one might do when something pops into their head.

Another tip to add to the list, is a warning about the IRS, even if it is just a day or two before. If the player has earned enough, this should take priority over a random tip.

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